A site for square jaw women admirers, at last !!
Some men are very attracted by women with large, square, well defined jaw. There is no absolute explanation for this, but our studies suggest that strong jaw denotes a particular genetic, immune pattern that some men are actively looking for subconsciously. These men may have a deficiency in this particular pattern that tend to sensitize them to women that exhibit this particular trait. This could give the offspring a more balanced genetic pool.

A well defined jaw is definitely a beauty attribute, and you will learn that the most beautiful women (and men) on this planet, usually have the chiselled jaw that gives the face a “healthy” and noble look to the face. On this site we are admirers of these beautiful women exhibiting the square, strong jaw pattern from moderate to extreme hypertrophied degree. Learn more about the theory.

Since this site was launched, I was contacted by men from all over the world with various ethnic backgrounds, all attracted by the strong mandible pattern in women, and delighted to discover other men were sharing this attraction for strong jawed women. I was also contacted by many women with strong, square jaw that used to by shy about it and that felt reassured to know that their face could be a desire object for many men around the world. If you are one of these woman, don’t hesitate to say hello in the forums.

You can also browser our galleries featuring the world's most beautiful women and celebrities exhibiting strong jaw characteristics. Currently on the list: Salma Hayek (actress), Shalom Harlow (model), Luciana Curtis (model), Geena Davis (actress), Angelina Jolie (actress), Aurelie Claudel (model) and many more....


So are men with square jaws

So are men with square jaws less likely to be attracted to women with this feature? Are we limited to who are mates will be according to this logic? Interestlingly as a square jawed women, I definitely would love to have a mate that appreciates all of my features, but would not like to think that I am typically limited to being admired by a mate with a specific set of features. As a square jawed female, I will give some examples of the types of male faces that I find attractive and the kinds that I don't find particularly attractive, which are of course only a few that I will compare for now.


Not Atractive:

The ones I find attractive are 1) deceased Iranian movie actor Mohammad Ali Fardin 2) Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves, 3) Spanish Bullfighter Emilion Munoz 4) the one to the left with the large eyebrows (not the one looking at the camera) 5) Welsh Movie Actor Ioan Gruffudd

The ones I don't find attractive are Iranian singer Mehdi Moghadam, American celebrity Justin Timberlake (singer, actor, writer, etc) and American football player John Lynch.

Among the ones that I find attractive I think the first 3 are about on the same level with respect to masculinity and the angularity or squareness of their jawlines. I find these men masculine in what I would call a very elegant distinguishable way. They are not body builders and only one of them can be identified as sports player, Emilio Munoz, who engages in a traditional national sport (not football/basketball/baseball/soccer/etc). Their facial features convey elegance, character, intelligence, and strength. The fourth one doesn't appear to have a definitive jawline or at least it cannot be seen, but I find his gaze and large eyebrows intriguing. The fifth one, Ioan Gruffud, also exhibits a very firm jaw line and the same distinguishably elegant look that is masculine as well. Personally, I do also have a liking for men with darker features, mainly darker hair and darker eyebrows. I do not like very dark skin nor pale skin.

The 3 that I do not find attractive are almost all complete opposites. The first has a very effeminate face that lacks strength, which may exude some elegance in an overtly feminine way, but very little character. The 2nd has very small lifeless eyes that are expessionless. The face is very plain and doesn't exude an aura of brilliance or masculinity overall---mind you I am only analyzing his look, not who he is. The 3rd is an extremely masculine face that is overbearingly masculine. The squareness of this jaw is not to my liking. There is pure strength, but no elegance or inteligence is exuded. The eyes are expressionless.

In a nutshell, my preferences in men's faces leans towards more masculine and angular with a square jaw, but only moderately so and in a way that appears natural with some exceptions here and there. I am definitely not a fan of body builders.

I hope no one gets me wrong or thinks I'm expressing bias. I am just sharing my preferences as a moderately feminine square jawed woman so that the vast array of ideas can be exchanged. Also, I will add that at times, I haved like different types of male faces throughout my teenage and adult years for different reasons. I was madly in love with Leonardo Di Caprio when I was 15 and 16 whom I wouldn't be effected by in the least where I to see him in real life today. What we find attractive at one point in our lives as opposed to another is shaped in large part to what we associate with that which we find attractive??? Sorry sometimes my grammar gets bad. Biology is one thing that may play a role, but the psychological aspects of what we find attactive are also fascinating and if we look at these we can see how biases develop at one point or another and how we can learn not to be biased about biases!!!! Lol Ive gone and gone for a long while.

Thank you again Ron. I am having a lot of fun with this site. There is so much to learn and to talk about every time.

Hi, I'm a square jawed man

I'm a square jawed man and I definitely find a square jaw on women attractive, i.e. she pops out among other women
and I found out in retrospect that most women I've been attracted to before spotting this great site actually have this feature (and other features in common...). Now I'm just more aware of it.
But I should also emphasize that square jaw is not a must-have feature for me, I just appreciate it very much.
Conversely, I find underdeveloped jaws (incl. double chins) in general a turn-off, e.g, see
I believe a well-developed jaw which fits well to the rest of the face is a sign of high attractiveness.
Maybe it can be explained by the Handicap principle?


rita hi just read youre

rita hi just read youre comment and I greatly agree that a square jaw is not
a must have but I Have very rarely met a handsome man in real life with this
feature maybe one time and suprisingly enough i was very attracted to his prominent bone structure its very regal and classy looking
later rita

I think women who have

I think women who have larger jaws are hot. Its the main thing I like in a face of a woman. I didn't even realised I like this until a few years ago. It's the measure by which I like a woman or not.

For me the theory is OK I

For me the theory is OK I guess but it robs time away from looking at these beautiful women. Same reason I don't want to know why I am heterosexual and not gay. I just don't care as I want to engage in it rather than have some head knowledge why. I enjoy it too much to analyse it, but it is interesting. Still, if a gay man knew why he was gay, would he be able to or want to change that? No. It's the same for me and my love of the strong-jawed goddesses that I am so glad live here.

I think there's also a flipside to this. A non-pronounced jaw is unattractive, and is hard to "shake" in your head as a turnoff.

I was even attracted to my sister when she was eight years old as she had quite a powerful jaw at that age. Of course, it's a heavenly/aesthetic kind of attraction, deeply rooted, but it does require a non-relation and someone adult.

It may be that I don't even care if I find relationship or sexual success with these women. Just having them be there is a reward I cannot even measure.

I do have one theory though. If there is a latent homosexuality in man, can it be expressed through profound attraction to strong-jawed ladies? An acceptable outlet perhaps? By latent I mean non-active but still wishing for a form of expression. A connection to something powerful. Or perhaps it's just a sign of powerful women in the family? The strong-jawed woman then embodies the deep power of women, especially one's mother or grandmother. Powerful, well-built headstrong women. It's all there in that boomerang bone that would knock you flat if it could be thrown at you.

I's funny... The internet

I's funny... The internet allows the weirdest people to form support groups! :-)

I am a woman with a square

I am a woman with a square jaw line. I hate it. I think it is absolutely hideous. Square jaw lines are never pretty on women, ever. I don't know why any woman is proud of looking like a guy.

I am a man with a square jaw

I am a man with a square jaw line. I love it in a woman. It signify the masculine side of female. It is the combination of male and female traits in one person (mentally not physically)creates the most interesting character and most lethal attraction to me.
I used to be attracted to typical female oval face and their softness when I was young. When I become mature and stronger, I adore strength and power in a person.

rita i am always told my jaw

rita i am always told my jaw is masculine yet i am very feminine as a lady in features all over i have realised that this dual quality of power and strength vs
delicate in nature both draws males and females to me i am a straight woman but 80% of men turned on to me are homosexual i love them as friends but want to attract a straight guy for myself how do i stop this mis read quality that seems to turn on the gay guys with the male jawline ????/any info will be helpful

In regards to the post about

In regards to the post about square jawlines not being attractive on females: The post appears strange in nature and bears a definite over usage of superlatives. Square jaw lines are beautiful on both men and women, alike - but not to the exclusion of other sorts of jaw lines. Small jawlines can be very feminine ie., Audrey Hepburn - I question the credibility of the source and highly doubt the original post came from a female with a strong jaw line.

Just a note: Audrey Hepburn

Just a note: Audrey Hepburn is a pure square jawed woman:

Oops, well, I guess knowing

Oops, well, I guess knowing Audrey Hepburn is also a large jawed woman furthers the stance that large jawed women are attractive :)

I agree. I have it too and I

I agree. I have it too and I feel like I am cursed!

Thank you! This site is

Thank you! This site is wonderful it has given me so much more self confidence about my chin. For a moment I have real self confidence about my prominent jaw! You have saved a life!

I don't think keenu reeves

I don't think keenu reeves has a square jaw. I have watched him in movie dracula his face almost like a woman, so feminine but I think johny depp has square jaw.

Hi, thanks to whoever posted

Hi, thanks to whoever posted this artical. Ive always been self-concious about my square jaw.

There is mention of jaws

There is mention of jaws that are "wide" but not "square." I understand the thing about the near 90 degree angle when viewed from the side, etc. It is also possible (tho maybe not very common) to have square, narrow jaws. Sharp angle, flat chin, but jaw not very wide--not as wide as cheekbones anyway. (so not 90 degrees when viewed from the front) Effect is often a somewhat rectangular face on men and women.

Yes, it's possible to have

Yes, it's possible to have square but narrow jaw.
But it is rare: the angle of the jaw is part of a general face pattern. When it's square, all the face is structured around its more efficient chewing mechanism and this usually includes a broad jaw.

The opposite is also true: it's rare to find a wide jaw with a non squarish jaw angle. Usually very narrow jaw have very obtuse jaw angle.

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