Just trying to find out if I fit in here...

I always thought I was pretty ugly. Actually, I will go as far as saying I don't feel like a woman at times because of my face type...
Would I be referred to what they call square jaw women?

Oh wow you are very

Oh wow you are very beautiful!

You are quite beautiful, and

You are quite beautiful, and you have a pretty chin.

Thanks, I don't think anyone

Thanks, I don't think anyone has every complimented my chin before! :)

It's so hard to believe you

It's so hard to believe you thought you were 'ugly'. I doubt anyone anywhere would agree with that. You're objectively and unarguably beautiful.

As far as 'not feeling like a woman at times' I can only assume that those are the times you feel like a goddess? :)

I really hate to doubt you, but every single feature and proportion of your face is model-quality, so it seems unlikely that droves of people have not pressed that fact upon you. However, on the off chance that your statements are sincere...

...I understand insecurity often has little basis in reality, and clearly this is the case here. I also know that getting some external counter point can help suppress insecurity. It's often better if it comes from people who don't know you and will not profit from flattering you. I don't know you and cannot profit from offering flattery... You are stunning.

As for your jaw line, it is obviously square.

If the intention of your post was to have us on a bit, that's OK with me. I don't often get a chance to tell a gorgeous woman like you how gorgeous she is or imply she's a goddess, so I thank you for that. :)

WoW. Thanks so much for the

WoW. Thanks so much for the kind words.

I guess I am insecure, but to be honest no I havn't had very many people tell me anything nice. I've grown up and live in a very small town and I people here are, well - very small minded to be honest. Their idea of beauty is Blond/big boobs/small waist/heartshaped face with small nose. >With plans starting off as low as FREE, theres no reason not to be using the best guild hosting provider today!<--- Like that was the best I could describe it. And as unlikely as people telling me I have model quality features - theres only been one person when I was 14 who worked for a modeling company but my mom said they say that to everyone to get them to pay money for a portfolio. Soooo yeah...

No I found this forum when I was looking for haircuts to hide square jaws bc I thought they made me look manly... The reason I asked if I fit in was because the topic of this thread was, "Are you a square jawed woman ?". So I figured I'd ask first.

I think I look ok from the side - but notice none of these pics are from the front? Thats when I look the most manly. Like, totally different imo.

Again though, thanks for all the kind words it's probably the most I've ever heard and I'm glad there is a group of people out there who appreciate women with different facial shapes/jaw/chin shapes. <3

XoXo, Carrie
PS: Sorry if this posted more then once the page was acting strange!

Haha, Sorry I just reread

Haha, Sorry I just reread this post and noticed something from one of the website designs I was working on somehow was pasted into this post! :(

You`re beautiful!!!

You`re beautiful!!!

You deserve all the

You deserve all the confidence you need to succeed. you are lovely.
never let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Daniel, Oregon State University Student.

your own self confidence as

your own self confidence as you accept and believe what you are told about being gorgeous will only add to your beauty. I appreciate beauty in all facial types and you stand out, you should be added to the front page. please submit more photos

wow awesome tat and no your

wow awesome tat and no your pretty good looking too, i don't know you'd degrade your self confidence when you look as pretty as that. and daym those jaws defined, your gonna have some good looking kids if you decide to.

Hi , I'm happy you commented

Hi ,
I'm happy you commented back.
Now I know you can take a compliment nicely..
Also , very Nice to see your pictures again, and I hope you are doing very well.
I'm a University student, and doing quite well lately.

E-mail me direct if you like.... I'm at:


I would be happy to see you in person someday.


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