I hate my large jaw!

Hello, my name is Miglė and Iam from Lithuania. I hate my face shape... I hate my large jaw.. I feel like a man. But some of my friends always say, that my face shape is unique and awesome.. But I don't know, I hate it and I feel very ugly with it.. :(((

Ps. Iam 15 years old and sorry, my English isn't very good.
Greetings! :)

Hi and welcome to the

Hi and welcome to the site.
You indeed have a broad face and your jaw is probably well muscled, but I think you will notice transformation as you grow up... around 18 years you will probably start to thin our and you face will lose this chubby appearance. You face look more like a baby face than a man face + you have great hairs and eyes. You'll have no problem finding men that think you are attractive, don't worry about that.


I second that. You are

I second that. You are young and your face will change as you grow.

You are very beautiful anyway = ) <3

Dont be crazy! You are VERY

Dont be crazy! You are VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!! I LOVE your face.... If I was your age Id make you my girlfriend!!!


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