Kate Fleetwood


This is my Auntie you know,

This is my Auntie you know, hands up, no joke

She doesn't strike me as

She doesn't strike me as particularly beautiful.  The square jaw and hard cheekbones, if accompanied by a little fleshiness has a beauty of its own that is somewhat cute and commanding at the same time.

 I find that layered hairstyles really balance out square jaws and flatter faces that are very angled.  I used to have very long even hair and it actually didn't bring out the squareness of my jaw, my face used to look oval on 2-3 years ago. 

 I am a bit concerned about my jaw muscles starting to look more pronounced and am considering the botox jaw muscle reduction while retaining the square shape of the jaw.  Honestly, the angled jaw is very attractive and beautiful especially if it is accompanied by nice cheekbones, but jaw muscles don't flatter the female face especially when they exceed the width of the cheekbones.

 I think I elaborated on this before.

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