Mandy Blank


though I think most of the

though I think most of the squared jaw women on this site are beautiful, i think that squareness beyond a certain point just as regressiveness beyond a certain point, can become less attractive. Im not being too critical but honestly her face is not a good example of a flattering square jaw. Its heavily masculinized and extremely out of proportion. I give Mandy Blank props for leaving her jaw the way it is and not resorting to jaw reduction which many would agree woud help her look better, but I would not include Mandy Blank as an example of square jaw beauty. I hope you don't think I am being mean but I offer my most honest opinion.

Yeah I agree to an extent,

Yeah I agree to an extent, she is a female body builder and looks like she has taken steroids which might be responsible for her jaw to look too masculine looking. However, I still think she is attractive but probably like you said not a great example of a beautiful woman with a square jaw.

I don't think her jaw looks

I don't think her jaw looks masculine to me. It's actually one of the hottest I've ever seen, and I'm a straight guy all the way!

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