Melanie Kannokada - lovely jaw

I chanced upon this Indian model with a lovely, strong jaw. Her face is the epitome of female beauty, and her defined jawline definitely contributes in no small part to her appeal.

The first image shows the well developed jaw in a 3/4th view. The second and fourth offer lovely side profile views. The fifth displays the nice strong teeth that accompany the square jaw.

If this doesn't make it to the main page, I don't know what will!

Nice find indeed ! She

Nice find indeed ! She definitely got the "strong jaw gene": square jaw with big teeth. Smile in last picture is amazing.
Dental arch must be quite wide to support such big, well aligned teeth.

Elisapie Isaac, inuit

Elisapie Isaac, inuit canadian singer, has a pretty square jaw herself.)


That is PLASTIC SURGERY!! Are you guys blind or just in love with silicone?? They all have a chin implant, jawline RESURFACING (look that up, it includes lipo) and then mandibular silicone jaw implants inserted!

And I`m Cleopatra.

And I`m Cleopatra.

It's true. I'm not sure if

It's true. I'm not sure if it's plastic surgery, but she must had braces for sure. Just look at the torque of her premolars. Such an angle is not natural and very often is a result of orthodontic treatment due to crowding :)

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