Shalom Harlow


Nice piece of jaw. This statuesque beauty can only be achieved with big jaw like shalom's.



I have always thought Shalom

I have always thought Shalom Harlow was very beautiful ever since I have saw the Head over Heels movie. Nevertheless, her Jaw is masculine not because she is a horizontal grower but because it is very big. She is a top Fashion model and exhibits what most fashion models exhibit, and that is androgynous beauty, but not feminine beauty.

I'm becoming fed up by your

I'm becoming fed up by your obsessive comments on this site, to try to prove your point at all cost. You seem disturbed by theories on this site and try to make them fit into your model. We had a discussion and we explained our mutual points of view.
Shalom jaw is NOT masculine and I explained why.

Actually, just trying to get

Actually, just trying to get your attention because you never answer my emails. Nevertheless, her jaw still looks masculine to me and you have not explained why her jaw isn't. You explained some ideas of general stuff about square jaws not being masculine but you have not explained specifically why "her" jaw isnt masculine. However, I do not want to argue with you on this, so if you think her Jaw is not masculine then I will just accept that.

Remember Ron, I am not a dictator on here, I first argued with you then you convinced me otherwise and then I read your article on horizontal growers, which convinced me completely that the square jaw is not masculine.

I will not AGAIN explain you

I will not AGAIN explain you WHY. The reason are the SAME wrote on the "square jaw isn't masculine" article and trough our discussions.
I'm sorry but I don't have time going trough all this again so don't try to enforce your point here and there on this site.
Now if you think this shalom's face/jaw is masculine then fine for you, but I don't think you have a clue of what a masculine face is. And I don't care about what other articles say: add 25 pounds of fat on those northern type skinny models and they will look like milk cows.

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