My Strong Jaw

I've always felt uncomfortable with my strong jaw and chubby cheeks, wanting a dainty face almost my whole life. I'd been called names for it when approaching (and while in) my teens *chipmunk cheeks/Pocahontas/etc*, because my face shape isn't "normal." I was actually born in the US by Balkan parents.

Upon finding this website, I'm slowly accepting myself and my uniqueness. In short, I just wanted to say thank you for that! :D

I shall now leave you with some photos of my face.

Hi, thanks for sharing. I'm

thanks for sharing. I'm glad the site helped you.
There is nothing shocking about your jaw, people calling you names are highly exaggerating. You are young as you get more mature, you will find less and less people teasing you.
You do have moderate frontal squareness, not sure if it is bone or muscle.


You are lucky to have that

You are lucky to have that face shape! Very pretty.

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