Shalom Harlow


Incredible!!!! She is so

Incredible!!!! She is so delicate and well structured at the same time in so many ways. Her face exudes so much character. Long, delicate body and a large well formed head with expressive facial features. Shalom Harlow is a perfect work of art in so many ways. I think she is about 5'11" tall too isn't she?

Yes, she is a tall model,

Yes, she is a tall model, beautiful model, with the wonderful square jawed face.
One some pictures, she is a little too thin in my opinion, she would benefit from some extra Kgs...

That is true, but

That is true, but unfortunately the pressures of the modeling industry force beautiful women to be underweight. Personally, I don't think there is any need for some of these beautiful women to be so thin. I too think that Shalom Harlow's physique would benefit greatly from the presense of curves, fuller breasts and hips, to give her long sleek body a more balanced and healthy feminine appearance. All in all, she is quite blessed.

her face shape and features

her face shape and features would probably not look as good if she had a normal weight.

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