Romilly Weeks



is it me or does this woman look a tad strange? watching her on itv right now and the experience is odd too.

Because she has a big jaw

I think it is because she has a very big jaw, and that one is not used to see a person with such a large jaw, thus, the impression.

I don't have this TV channel, I wish I could see her animated.

Not strange, just stunning.

Not strange, just stunning.

She looks like Demi Moore

She looks like Demi Moore but with Arnold Schwarzenegger's jaw welded on. Unsettling. You could cut yourself on those cheekbones.

Surprised at this site,

Surprised at this site, aptly named. I thought I was the only one to take notice of her jawline, I think its superb, strong feature that stands out from a mile. I love strong looking jaws on women and romilly is a superb, beautiful example. And English too.



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