Yasmin Lebon


Yasmin Lebon is half Iranian

Yasmin Lebon is half Iranian and half British. I have been looking for square jawed beautiful Iranian women and only spotted one and didn't get her name on television. She actually wasn't beautiful and was plain. Actually, I came to the conclusion that square jaws are not very common in Middle Eastern countries be it Iran, Turkey, or any of the Arab countries. I suppose I am one of the rare exceptions and I hope that is a good thing. Because of my prominent cheekbones and jawline, many think I am an Azari Turk from the Azerbayjan portion of Iran. Many Azarbayjani people such as Queen Farah have Mongolian blood and the good bone structure often found among Azarbayjani people is a result of that. Most Iranians have largely Aryan and Semetic roots and Iranian men and women mostly have rounded faces and very large eyes.

I do agree with your

I do agree with your observation that square jaw type is not very common among middle eastern people with a strong semitic ancestry.

I would rate the square jaw occurence as such:

mongoloid (more)
Semitic (less)

This is not to say that square jaw is absent from negroid and semitic types.....
Also it is not a scientific measure, but purely empirical.

Hi Ron. As I born in

Hi Ron. As I born in morocco. I find northern arab people are very very weak jaw. and I can post you some pictures too. even the people in the west of India.

about this subject, I going to talk in my website ( still doing it, my site will be about non-white people with the characters, shape face and eyes color like in nordic people) and I find the people from nothern of africa are the most close to nordic ( scandinevian) but even that, I have ever seen the Iranian boy with platinum blonded hair.) I 'm not recist but I find this quite interesting for us, people among non-white to preserve and develope our people. even I find large jaw is sexy and I do not disagree with that.

To Persian. : turkey has many groups. some look like european some like arabs, and some like half race mongol-arab.

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