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this actually isn't brooke

this actually isn't brooke shields.
Brooke shields face wasn't square when she was young, but her jaw line was squared, but her chin was never strong. She was one of those beautifully rare people that had a great bone structure and softness mingled together.
These days, her face does look harsh and masculinized and her jaw and chin heavily squared, but that is mainly because she has lost and gained weight repeatedly and has turned to heavy duty weight lifting to stay fit.
All in all, I do think Brook Shields is an example of square jawed beauty even back in the day.

This very much looks like

This very much looks like Brook Shields to me, in early years, before nose job.

It isn't. Brooke Shields

It isn't. Brooke Shields never had a nose job. Her nose was exactly the same from when she was 18 and when she was a young girl. From there on, she looked the same. Her eyes are blue. This is not Brooke Shields.

However, that bone extremities thing you said makes women look aged. From my understanding having an angular face can make one look younger, firmer and healthier, but also aged in some cases. Which one is more true. If having an angular, squared jaw is a sign of age, then why are we making it into a sign of beauty here??

I said "It's possible that

I said "It's possible that bones extremities keep growing trough the years, just as ears and nose do. This would explain, in conjunction with fat loss, why some face appear more angular with age."

I didn't said that having a square jaw in itself is a sign of age ! I meant that loss of fat and possible continuous growing of bones could be the reason why some older women appear to have more angular (salient) jaw.
This angular jaw, even in old person isn't what makes them look old.

Countless times have I noticed how broad / square boned faces carry so much better aging flesh. One can verify it everyday by walking in the street. It's particularly true all around the jaw, and at neck junction, under the chin..... even aging eyes seem better supported by the high cheekbones than flat face with sagging cheekbones giving the typical droopy look:

There are quite a few sites

There are quite a few sites including celebrity plastic surgery sites that show pictures of Brooke as a teen next to her as an adult and they point out that the tip and bridge of her nose *is* smaller. You can clearly see this in most pictures of her as a child and teen on her great extensive fan site,Brook

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