This site is constantly assaulted by spam robots that post HUNDREDS of messages per day. The spam detection measures implemented are not enough to trick the modern robots out.
At first I decided to enable the moderation of content getting in the site: only approved content would be visible. But with the dramatic increase of mindless spam the site receives, I find myself spending too much time deleting the spam posts each day. If ever I skip a day or two, spam becomes unmanageable.

Because this site uses an old Drupal version with custom code, I cannot upgrade it to enable more recent spam control measures.
So i'm forced to put the site down, at least partially down: I disabled posting of new content but you can still consult the unique content available and I'll be the only one able to contribute, which I'll do when I find worthy square jawed women pictures. If you want to say something or send picture, you can use my email: .

Whenever I get time i'll build another site but this will certainly not happen in a close future.

Nice example of how spam can ruin a website. Did you know that 80% of email traffic are spam messages by those idiots trying to sell you their stupid products ?

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