So how strong is a strong-jawed woman?

The attached pictures were taken earlier this year, when this woman, Kim, replied to a post I had made on another web site about how attractive I thought women with freckles were. When I first saw her photo, I made a comment on how nice her jaw structure was. This got her curious and she started asking questions as to why I had noticed her jaws? This led to a discussion about how I like it when I was bit by a woman as hard as she could bite me--mostly in the shoulder area. Kim wondered if she could bite hard enough to please me, which led to the series of photographs you see here. These were all using Kim's right side. If you examine the photo of her closely you will see that her right side shows more muscle development. This is because she favors chewing on her right side much more. She even had commented to me how how much stronger her right side was in biting things. These results are typical of a strong-jawed woman's bite strength. Since I don't have access to the high-tech bite meters that the researchers do, I have devise low-tech "tests" to determine a woman's jaw strength. All my tests are done using the six-year molars, with the female clenching as hard as she can on a pencil or popcicle stick for about 5-seconds. I instruct her to clench into it as hard as she can and visualize bringing her molars completely together during the clench. I do not allow her to do any chewing or side-to-side grinding with her teeth during the clench. I'm sorry for the poor quality of some of these photographs, I didn't take them. Kim took them and sent them to me via e-mail. I also apologize for the age of this subject. I know most of you (me included) want to see woman under 35 doing this stuff, but if it's any consolation I did ask Kim for a picture of her from her High School days. I have this picture if anyone's interested? She said she was quite the chewer during high school and she loved chewing gum and clenching on things as a kid. She also told me that she would have been able to clench harder when she was younger than she can now mainly because she doesn't chew on things nearly as much anymore. Middle-age was creeping in. Enjoy!

Great post, thanks for

Great post, thanks for sharing the pics and experience. I hope we can get more of this kind of pictures of objects destroyed by the bite force of strong jawed women.

I bet you could not support a strong jawed woman biting you as hard as she can, even on the shoulder, because really strong jawed woman would simply cut your flesh deep and send you to the hospital!

I like to use blue cover of 4 colors bics to test bite forces ( )

I can only speak from

I can only speak from personal experience on this Ron, but I'm pretty sure that I could handle the majority of strong-jawed women's bites. Probably the hardest biter was my old girl-friend Kelly, the one who could snip off my finger and toe nails with her front teeth. She also would have been able to snap your blue plastic pens in two with one bite of her premolars. I have a video of her biting a pencil when she was 16, and a close-up of the pencil afterwards, but there's no where to upload it here. Anyway I'm pretty sure she was close to a 1000 N in her molar bite strength. I base this on the fact that she was by far the strongest jawed girl of all her friends, and she was quite popular in school. She did feats during class with her jaws that wowed all of her school mates. On a side note, I'm surprised you don't have the research study about the Northern Japanese Kids and their bite strength. I've got the PDF, but also don't know where to upload it to here. It seems you only allow pictures. Going by the strongest recorded bites of these kids, which was around 1000 Newtons of force, I'm estimating that's the same neighborhood that Kelly was in. Now using a program I downloaded off the Internet called "ProKon" I am able to convert force in Newtons to pounds of force. 1000 Newtons is about 180 pounds of force, or about 82 Kilograms for you Europeans. The strongest bite force I've ever seen for a woman was 256 pounds, which was listed in the old Bite Marks and Biting group I was in a few years ago. 256 pounds (116kg) comes out to be about 1138 Newtons. The Eskimos who chew skins and stuff all the time listed on your web site here had a maximum bite force of 1550 Newtons which is 348 Pounds of force or 158 kg! That's pretty powerful. However, it doesn't say if any of them were women. I was recently reading a research paper on the jaw strength of the great apes, gorillas and Orangatans (sp), which scientists were estimating by how much force it took to crush these certain seeds they were eating. Some of these seeds the apes were not able to bite through. Anyway the average force needed to crush these seeds was 2000 Newtons with is about 550 pounds or 250 Kg. The only reason I brought that up is because it doesn't hold a candle to the most powerful bite ever produced by a human being listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, where Richard Hoffman produced a bite strength of 975 pounds (443 kg) for two seconds! That comes out to be over 4337 Newtons! Unfortunately the Guinness Book does not list a world record for the strongest human female bite. Based on the fact that women body-builders can achieve muscle strength of about 2/3rds of a man, I believe it's possible for a woman to have a maximum bite force then of around 650 pounds (295 kg) or well over 2500 Newtons! This probably would be enough to break through my flesh, but I would never ever go to the hospital afterwards. I'd stop the bleeding at home and nurse those puncture wounds and hope they left a permanent scare as a tribute to that woman's bite! Next time I'll tell you what it is like to be bit by a strong jawed teenage girl on the shoulder.

Hi JawMuscles, You should be

Hi JawMuscles,
You should be able to attach pdf files, but on new messages only, not on replies.
I'm very curious to see this movie of the girl that you filmed biting the pencil. How big is the video ? If you can't have it hosted somewhere, I will arrange for you to be able to upload it.

I'm sure that if a very strong jawed woman would bite you on the shoulder with all her strength, you would simply faint because it would leave on your shoulder a hole the size of a small apple. You could die from the wound if not cured, not talking about the possible infection.

I'm trying to find a bite force recorder, but I can't seem to find a commercial product at a decent price.

The pencil bite video clip

The pencil bite video clip is 5.3 Meg and is an Mpeg2 coded file. It lasts about 15 seconds, and was filmed back in 1986. The girl was 16 years old at the time it was shot. Actually she is the one I wrote about who could snip fingernails with her front teeth!

My email can handle such a

My email can handle such a file, please send it to .

Hi jawmuscles, i´m very

Hi jawmuscles,
i´m very interrested in this videos, i heard about them on other forums, is it possible to send it to me via E-mail?

Normally when one bites with

Normally when one bites with front teeth, the teeth work like sissors with the bottom teeth going behind the top teeth in front. I don't let the girls bite my shoulder this way. I ask them to try and bring their front teeth to meet together with the bottoms coming up and meeting the tops perfectly. Because of this, if a woman were strong enough to punch through my flesh, and bring her teeth together, it would merely punch holes through my skin. I would have her open her mouth at that point and pull away leaving the holes in my skin but my skin would still be intact. I also ask them to put enough skin in their mouth so that it covers all their front teeth up to their first premolars. That's quite a bit of surface area to bite though with one bite.

The best that's been accomplished so far is the girl has sunk her teeth deep enough in that the marks are purple when she releases. It looks like the blood was almost ready to come out, but not quite. The teeth marks usually stay for about 15-20 minutes and as they disappear, you can see what looks like small holes in the middle of large red welts. After about an hour, you can clearly see a half-circle red welt with each individual tooth mark outlined in red. This mark takes about a week to totally disappear and is then replaced by a faint gray outline of the bite.

After repeated bites to the same area on a weekly basis, the skin begins to get a calloused-like texture similar to the skin on the bottom of your feet. Of course this makes it harder to bite through, so as my girlfriend's jaws get stronger from doing her chewing exercises, my skin kept getting tougher from her bites. Of course, I could have let her bite me in another area and it would have easily drawn blood, but then the marks would have been visible to other people. We can't have that!

This woman has a broad face

This woman has a broad face but her arch is narrow.Weird combination.

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