History of square jaw fetish in each old world

Chinese people in ancient time prefered square faced women as women with high attitude, ambicious and powerfull. this type of face is good, honesty, can be trust and healthy. they believe that square face is the most type of primitive human face. those who have this type of face are tend to have easily agressive instict, brave and stronger heart like primitive people in ice age, their face shape showed off the strong blood of primitive human in old time.

In Morocco where I was born, where all people ( berbers ) seem to have narrow face and weak jaw like in the nordic. I ever visited one of the beautifull old manor that full of the stories of many generation. one of the famous story of the beautifull lady of the manor that his lover described about her " she has pink cheeks like rose that not much nomad in the dessert have, her hair is quite blond like ywllow field, her eyes are blue like the stars and her face is board and expressed a lot of feeling when she smiled.
( I do not sure much that word " board" he described is mean square face? but for me square face is seems to look boarder than any type of face.)

In Europe, 3 years ago I visited holland with my mother. she did buy one of pocelain doll to give her relative in thailand. one of her male relative noticed the doll face and I heard he said " that doll's face dosen't look like european people, the nose is look abit flat and up at the nose tip, the face is short and abit board at the chin so I think some chinese made it and export to europe" so my mother said to him
"Nope, this is the real european doll, her age is already 50 years and expensive one" but that guy still didn't believe so I got some ideal and then I said to him. " you know pretty for european people are not a kind of sharp face, narrow chin with long nose and eye socker like a witch because that what all european people face are. but pretty for them, that's board face, small nose and tend to not look like what the local people there."

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