Larger Jawed Women From Iran (Hidden Camera)

These are the best ones I found until now.

this last one is so

this last one is so beautiful.  Her pose is divine.   There were several pictures of her on a site and compare her to where her scarf is covering her gonial angle.  She still has many beautiful features and looks angelic with the scarf too.  She is square jawed I believe.

I think her face shape isn't

I think her face shape isn't look square that much, abit like cooperate large jaw. persian but she is beautifull and exotic in any case.Smile


I find Iranian women quite different from arabs, the arabs in the north of africa tend to be more stick in religion,u'd be surprize to know that a few years ago I were interested in Islam religion untill I was about to take it to be the way of life but because of people in my family are not agree about this much. my muslim friends in where I living are sunni and they seems to be more stick in religion like arabs. but the arabs are not that beautifull exotic like Iranian. the arabs tend to have very weak jaw and narrow face and I find that look, is just ordinary and not elegant as women with large jaw that seem to be sexier, confident and healthy.


P.S I feel not nice much when I have seen the Iranian girls above with hijab, but dyned blonde hair and how she put hijab apon her head is seems like the way to insultig herself  pride. I do not wish that they have to be that stick like the sunni muslim that I know, but if that girl wanted to dyn her hair and wear that cloth she better remove hijab away from her head. 

How to recognize square jaw,

How to recognize square jaw, I think that woman she should put all of her hair up as pony tail so we can see more clearer if she has square jaw or not.

Hi Geat.  Actually, I do

Hi Geat.  Actually, I do personally think that this girl's jaw meets the criteria for squareness or at least comes very close.  The lower half of her face is notably larger than the upper half, though still very proportional and I can see the flatness of her jawline and the gonial angle in the profile picture. 

I have to address an issue though.  Petite woman with square jaws will naturally have a softer look than taller woman who have very chiseled faces and square jaws. 

She is a petite, slim woman with such a jaw.  If you observe the picture in which she is seated next to the other girl who is larger and more overweight, you can observe that this girl's facial bones are noticeably larger.  If the other girl lost weight and was as thin as her the face would be even narrower and much smaller.  She is thus far the best example of a a beautiful square jawed woman from Iran that I have seen up to date, of course Ron has also identified me as such.  Thanks to him.

I know what you mean about the girl with the scarf who has dyed her hair blonde.  Many women observe hejab in Iran because the dress code requires them do so and they pull it as far back as they think they can without getting in trouble with the authorities.  Actually Geat, it is not their choice.  They have to have a scarf on their head in any case.  Some show some hair, some show a lot of hair, and some don't show any hair depending on where they live and their personal values.  If you look at the 3rd picture, you will notice how the dark haired girl is adjusting her scarf so that it doesn't completely fall of her head while still managing to show a lot of her hair from the front view. 

The excessive makeup and hair dye that you observe are fashionable in Iran and there is nothing wrong with them, but the degree to which they are noticeable is a clear sign of how some of these young women do not identify with the dress code or the laws of their country. 

 Actually the dress code has caused a lot of Iranian women to become even more obsessive about how they look than American or European women.  The face is the only feature that can be seen and so they are caught between not identifying with the dress code and aspiring towards the Hollywood version of western ideals.  I grew up in the United States and I loved what my family taught me about Iranian culture, but the young people in Iran did not get a chance to enjoy the beautiful things that their culture has to offer apart from what the laws of their country had restricted them to.  They are turning to the outside world for answers. 

Tehran, Iran is right now the nose job capital of the world and it is not unsual to see woman with bandages on their noses walking the streets as well as those who have had lip collagens and cheek implants.  I will show you some other pictures later on.  There are Angelina Jolie lookalikes in Iran as well as those who are trying to look like Nicole Kidman or other Hollywood actresses.  It has become fashionable to ask a plastic surgeon to reconstruct the entire face to achieve the look of a specific western celebrity.

 Interestingly, sex change operations are illegal while homosexuality is a crime.  So many homosexual men who don't necessarily want to be women have had sex change operations because it is the only way they can be intimately involved with a man legally.

 These are some of the sad things going on in Iranian society today.  The government has caused a lot of people to turn away from their own culture which has so many beautiful things to offer that have nothing to do with Islamic fundamentalism.

This Iranian woman's name is

This Iranian woman's name is Nazanin and she has personally thanked me for posting her pictures here for those of you who don't know her.

This comment was from

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It happens from time to time, you just need to log on again. 

She is definitely a square

She is definitely a square jawed woman. But she is absolutely pretty!

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