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on one account some square

on one account some square jawed women appear to have very catlike features. Audrey Hepburn has such features with her pronounced cheekbones which her square jaw doesn't exceed from front view and wide set eyes and eyebrows. In this picture where she is masticating food its almost like watching a cat eat and sample something atop a long smooth well defined neck. You almost want to pet her shining soft black hair because she looks so cute.

All the animals in the cat family have square jaws including kittens, leopards, lions, tigers. Cats are animals that are recognized as having a superior beauty on many accounts. Only Persian and Himalyan Cats seem more rounded than square. Check out this profile of a leopard and see what I mean:

This is an interesting

This is an interesting remark. I never thought about this in such a way, but now that you point it, you are right and there is some feline grace in some square jawed women that makes them so precious and majestic. It has something to do with the almond shaped eyes also I think.... as felines have big almond shaped eyes that add even more grace.

what movie was this from by

what movie was this from by the way?

She has small round eyes, a

She has small round eyes, a large, oddly-shaped nose, and a squarish jaw. In my opinion, none of her features alone would be considered pretty. However, she is still one of the most beautiful women ever to live.

Just shows that beauty isn't defined by the features alone, but by how well these features come together.

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