Is HE has a Square large jaw ?

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Square jawed woman image attachment: 

Im sorry , this is forum for woman jaws , but forum about man jaws dont exist , so I put on here .

I hope you wont be angry . You are authority so you can answer my question ....

IS the famous Johnny Depp has a square jaw ??

It looks for me like heart shaped with strong jaw muscles builded ;)

Please answer

From the website itself, It

From the website itself, It is obvious that you know the answer. It is just fitting that men with large jaws are excluded from the galleries. Hence, it is proper that you place it another forum, not here. Tnx.

I think in the final

I think in the final analysis, the theory is weird.

I think you have a point -

I think you have a point - likes and dislikes can't always be reduced to theory.

yeah i think he definately

yeah i think he definately has a square jaw. Im a girl and I thnk he's GORGEOUS becuase of his jaw

he doesn't really have a

he doesn't really have a square jaw. It's broad, but not perfectly square.

I must say.. Johnny Depp is one of those guys who, for me, at least, is just very handsome, but not "fuckable" at all. if you get what I mean.. lol

I guess there must be something to this "jaw equation" thing in a man-woman relationship..that broad jaws attract slim jaws and the other way around...because I'm a broad-jawed woman and I can honestly say I've never been attracted to a man with broader jaws than mine. Quite the contrary, my beauty ideal in men implies a narrow, elongated jaw. I just find those to be incredibly sexy! Like Leo DiCaprio, or Ralph Fiennes..yum.

And he lacks chin. I agree

And he lacks chin.

I agree with you Sandra as you can verify in the "Theory" section of this site, that in some case there is an attraction between slim / square jawed individuals of opposite sex, and that in this case, attraction can be extremely powerful.
I'm satisfied to read that a woman with a square jaw, came the same observations.

I would be curious to see a picture of your face. Would you mind posting it on the site, or sending it to ?


it's me, the one who sent

it's me, the one who sent the frontal view and side view pictures and I got the results back saying I was broad, but not square-jawed. Sorry, I sometimes forget to sign my name. lol

He is the best looking guy

He is the best looking guy in the world, i would love to see what the guy looks like that started his forum.maybe u should post ur picture.

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