How do you feel about broad shoulders?

I was just thinking...since you think broad jaws are beautiful because they project more power and health than a thin-jawed face, why not like broad shoulders on women, for the very same reason?

Truth is I'm starting to be kind of self-conscious about my pretty heavy, prominent shoulders. I used to love them, but more and more people comment on them in a way that makes me feel less feminine and "unpretty".
Like, when I go shopping for new clothes the shop-assistans say things like "you should wear this. It really covers your shoulders" sounds just plain rude to me.
And they're not abnormally broad, either. Just a bit broader than my also broad hips..LOL.
I really don't see how small shoulders are prettier or even more feminine than broad shoulders. I mean, lots of beauties have had them, and still do: Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Monica Bellucci, and old beauties like Ursula Andress, Brigitte Bardot, or Ava Gardner..and the list may go on.
Even ultra-feminine Liv Tyler has exceptionally large shoulders.

What do you think? Are they really "out of line" with feminine beauty? Or can they also be seen as a kind of "broad jaw" attribute?

Honestly, I rarely think

Honestly, I rarely think about shoulders and think that's a whole different topic. I have never thought of shoulders as having anything to do with the jaw.

I know what you mean. I,

I know what you mean.
I, too, have a greater shoulder width than most, but they don't necessarily look masucline just because they are slightly wider than your hips.
If your waist-to-hip ratio horizontally is low, then you are feminine.
If you have narrow hips and wider shoulders, then you will start to look masculine or boyish.
What really makes shoulders look masculine though are thick shoulder and neck muscles.

My shoulders are broader by virtue of a longer clavicle, but I have a long, slender neck too. Let me show you some pictures of women with wider, but feminine shoulders.

I agree with what was said

I agree with what was said about WHT ratio, and role of muscle in masculine aspect.

A note from my observation: there is no relation between bone shoulder width, and jaw squareness.
Some women with extremely broad shoulder are thin jawed as :

I have wide hips and a well

I have wide hips and a well defined waist, as well, but my shoulders are also quite "robust"-as in squarish, with a pretty thick neck. Plus,my upper arms are quite robust, as well.
But I'm short, so I don't really look "imposing"...

I don't think Jessica Alba is broad-shouldered. Perhaps Jessica Biel?

I have posted photos of myself here, as well, but don't think any of them showed "shoulders"..

That's funny - I do like

That's funny - I do like both on women, though I'd not put the two together in my mind.
I think bulky shoulders aren't a plus, but a broad bone structure in the shoulders is very appealing.
In part this might be due to the way it slims the rest of the lower body.

Sorry,but in my opinion

Sorry,but in my opinion broad shoulders looks bad on women.Makes them look like transexuals..(its just my opinion).

I think it just depends on

I think it just depends on the women. I have broad shoulders and not one person has ever commented on them. My shoulders actually aid in my hour glass shape. Not transexual what so ever -LOL- (what was with that comment) I don't think guys even pay attention to them.

I am wide shouldered to but

I am wide shouldered to but my shoulders don't look masculine, my clavicle is long.
If you have an hourglass shape then having broad shoulders goes unnoticed. Broad shoulders only stand out on women with narrow hips, especially from the front view.

yes, good point, persian.

yes, good point, persian. They only look negatively "broad" if they're disproportionately large, compared to the rest of the body.

But if you have wide hips to "balance" out the broad shoulders, they can either go unnoticed or stand out in a positive way, if they are well-shaped. I'm thinking of catherine zeta-jones, for instance, who has gorgeous broad-shoulders.

Narrow shoulders make the head look disproportionately large, and the hips look wider than the rest of the body. That's rarely beautiful.

Yes, though some pear shaped

Yes, though some pear shaped women look excellent when the shoulders are too narrow typically the clavicle is poorly defined and the necks are not long and smooth...the bottom half looks disproportionately large
I think broad shoulders look amazing on men, however, some men who have very narrow bodies and extremely wide shoulders look strange too.
I think too much of a good thing for any gender is just too much.

i was talking about certain

i was talking about certain girls i know (and these pics too)
And when im saying "broad shoulders"im talking about women with apple body shape (Apple shaped women have broad(er) shoulders compared to their (narrower) hips.[1] Women of this body type have (much) higher androgen levels compared to women with other body types.Because of this high androgen level, the skeleton develops in a very masculine pattern. Apple shaped women tend to have slim legs/thighs, while the abdomen and chest look out of proportion compared to the rest of the body. Fat is mainly distributed in the abdomen, chest, and face.)
An example is angelina jolie ,as u see in that picture:broad shoulders,narrow hips,flat ass and no waist.Not a feminine body ,but a beautiful face.

Apple shaped women can look

Apple shaped women can look attractive as Angelina Jolie does, but so long as they stay slim and do lack a shapely lower body in any case.
As for broad shoulders, they are actually relative. I have seen some very small framed women with shoulders a lot smaller than mine, but very broad relative to their hip width.
I think one other misconception that people have about the attractiveness of the female anatomy is the emphasis on how big or small she is. Size can affect attractiveness to some degree, but as long as a woman is in a normal, healthy weight range for her height and bone size, it will be her proportions that will determine her overall attractiveness. So long as the waist circumference is 80% of the hip circumference or less, she will look relatively healthy, and for attractiveness, the waist circumference should be 75% of the hips or less...maybe between 65% to 75%. Breast size can vary as long as a woman is not flat chested or too large chested for her size she will tend to look very very good.
As for me, my hips and chest are both around 41 inches right now, but Im trying to lose the extra belly fat i have gained that is making my waist 31 inches...I need to get back 26/27 to enhance my hourglass shape again. Wish me luck :))))

I think broad shouldered

I think broad shouldered broads are GREAT!

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