A site for square jawed women admirers, at last !!
It is our theory that square jaw in women is an attribute of superior beauty translating higher efficiency in chewing mechanism and more favorable pattern for overall growth of bone in the entire face and neck region.
We have also noticed, that some men are very attracted by women with large, square, well defined jaw. Maybe they are responsive to a certain genetic and immune pattern found in square jawed women ?
We will use this site to share pictures about women with the exquisite square jaw pattern. This site is an oasis for all square jawed women and their admirers. Enjoy.
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Yéssica Salazar

Noticed by member GEAT from this thread: http://www.womenlargejaw.com/node/438

Strong face structure from cheekbones to gonial angles.
When getting older and face fat melts away, face may appear a bit to hard.... but she has the young face of an angel, very feminine.

Anne Marie Kortright

Nice find by Camilio from thread: http://www.womenlargejaw.com/node/407 .
One can see how the strong bone support is behind the beauty of this face.

Lamia Alhachem Miss Lebanon 2001

It is not surprising to see a miss with the square jaw...
Thanks to Persian Square jaw ( http://www.womenlargejaw.com/node/402 ) for bringing oriental square jawed beauties to our attention.

Shu qi

Shu Qi, brought back to my attention by Camilio in this thread: http://www.womenlargejaw.com/node/405 .
Indeed, a very beautiful woman with a well developed jaw. Her teeth are also superb, well aligned with a little space between each.

Kareena Kapoor indian actress

From this thread thanks to Persian square jawed beauty: http://www.womenlargejaw.com/node/409 .
She definitely deserves her place in our worldwide selection of square jawed beauties.


Asian beauty

Typical asian beauty with pronounced face structure: chin, cheekbones and jaw angles. With full lips, nice hair, dream body...... more than enough to send a man to heaven.
Jaimee is a model.

Square jawed beauties from Iran

We would like to thank our visitor "Persian square jawed beauty" for introducing us to Iranian square jawed beauties.
What I enjoy with this site, is that it is an opportunity to discover beautiful, square jawed women from all over the world.

Shaghayegh Farahani. See how the strong bone structure gives a sensual look.

Shaghayegh Farahani

Leila Hatami : big cheekbones in a well structured face

Queen Farah : same kind of jaw structure as Audrey hepburn

Nefertiti antique square jawed beauty

Ancient Egyptians recognized already, the superior beauty of square jawed women.
Here is an example of queen Nefertiti. Thanks to persian_square_jaw_beauty from this thread ( http://www.womenlargejaw.com/node/381 ) for reminding her to our attention.

More Romilly Weeks

A good example of caucasian perfectly square jaw

Random models with strong jaws

The superior plastic of strong jawed models.


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