A site for square jawed women admirers, at last !!
It is our theory that square jaw in women is an attribute of superior beauty translating higher efficiency in chewing mechanism and more favorable pattern for overall growth of bone in the entire face and neck region.
We have also noticed, that some men are very attracted by women with large, square, well defined jaw. Maybe they are responsive to a certain genetic and immune pattern found in square jawed women ?
We will use this site to share pictures about women with the exquisite square jaw pattern. This site is an oasis for all square jawed women and their admirers. Enjoy.
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Linn Thomas

Asian playboy playmate, penthouse pet....

Notice the squareness of the jaw angle. Superb and sexy girl.




Luciana Curtis

This picture was brought to our attention by "photographer" in http://www.womenlargejaw.com/node/366 .
Notice the nice face and strong jaw box.

Unknown model

Typical beautiful square jawed model: notice the length of the distance between ear lob and jaw angle. As a result the jaw plane is flat.

Angelina Jolie's Jaw

Notice the elegant face of Angelina..... her chin is a bit more pronounced than Brad's.

Superb jawline and chin

Jennifer Lopez

Notice the strong face, with strong cheekbones and square jaw
Nice elongated jaw shape

Jamie Eason

She is a fitness girl, and has a nice square jaw.


Johanna Martensson

She is a model.

Square and strong jaw box
She has the same kind of face structure than Shalom Harlow

Danica Mckellar

As suggested by a visitor here: http://www.womenlargejaw.com/node/346, here are some pictures of Danica Mckellar.

Emanuelle in America

Indonesian born actress, barely known in America - I got to see some of her movies in Germany and Denmark - wish you could see them too - good square jaw and head raising too.

Angelina Jolie

Just look at the jaw and how her head is raised.

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