A site for square jawed women admirers, at last !!
It is our theory that square jaw in women is an attribute of superior beauty translating higher efficiency in chewing mechanism and more favorable pattern for overall growth of bone in the entire face and neck region.
We have also noticed, that some men are very attracted by women with large, square, well defined jaw. Maybe they are responsive to a certain genetic and immune pattern found in square jawed women ?
We will use this site to share pictures about women with the exquisite square jaw pattern. This site is an oasis for all square jawed women and their admirers. Enjoy.
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A fine frenzy

Beautiful singer, spotted by one of our visitor in this thread: http://www.womenlargejaw.com/node/959 . Lower jaw is square, also notice the big mouth, and large dental arch. Sweet.


In this picture we can clearly see her jaw structure..... difficult to say if it was enhanced, or if it's natural.
You could draw a square around the jaw, it would fit well. Jaw angles are strong.

Mandy Blank super square

Mandy Blank has one of the most squarest and muscular jaw from our collection. She is an exquisite, sexy little fitness girl. Here are two videos for you to enjoy. Notice the perfect teeth, very broad dental arch: Mandy is a chewing perfection. Its obvious how her genes got the "strong jaw box" instructions and built each piece of it big and strong (bone / teeth / muscle / ligament) .
It's the kind of girl with such a developed jaw, that you can't miss it. Anyone speaking to this girl is noticing it. When asked about her jaw on myspace, she explained it was hereditary, and running across her family.
More on this square jawed jewel at: http://www.mandyblank.com/.

Warning: This second video contains some eroticism (as well as some dream jaw emphasis sequences) :

Dree Hemingway

The great-granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway has a nice piece of jaw!

Notice the broad, heavy jaw

Jaw block is obviously huge

Thick jaw bone

Superb teeth, as often the case with such perfect chewing machine

Random square jawed beauties from around the world

Here are random pics of beauties from around the world.
They are not necessarily super square jawed, but nonetheless they all have it well sculpted and prominent.

Shu pei - vogue china may 2010

Lakshmi menon - vogue india february 2010

Hyun yi lee - vogue china july 2010 notice the nice face structure with jutting cheekbones

Liu wen

Nice teeth

Some square jaw admirers first began to notice and appreciate nice teeth on women. I was personally an early admirer of women with big, well aligned teeth. It is only later that I developed my taste for the most powerful and efficient type of jaw to support these teeth: the square jaw. Teeth and jaw are both part of the equation of efficient chewing mechanism, which I believe has a highly attractive power on some men.
Here are some pictures of women, with superb and natural large teeth.

But first, here is a 3d video made by one of our visitor. He perfectly captured what is so sexy about big healthy teeth demonstrating their crushing power behind a sexy mouth. I didn't knew this visitor, and was very delighted to discover his work. It proves yet again, that the purpose of this site represents the taste of many people.

Bianca Balti is a model with enormous and superb teeth

Oooo yes show them !

Forgot the name of this model.... she used to be casted specifically for the beauty and size of her teeth

Square face, square teeth, broad dental arch, well developed face..... this bone structure must feel incredibly confortable and powerful

Carol Brandao, model with huge and perfect teeth, lips, and dental arch

Bruce Willis likes them square !

Is Bruce Willis one of us ? It seems so. When you look at his ex wife Demi Moore, and his current wife Emma Heming, you can easily notice that they are both square jawed women !

Nice face structure. Notice the projecting cheekbones, strong and flat jaw line, and squarish jaw angle. Ready to bite hard !

Square jawed profile of Emma Heming
Ex wife Demi Moore, with her strong, square jaw

Asian square

These were spotted on photographer Ferenc Ecseki' s web site. To see more of his photos visit Female Model Portrait Photography Tips page. This is a talented photographer, who likes to picture women with strong bone structure. Again, here is a typical asian beauty with THE jaw. So delicious.

Head is just slightly raised, still, you can see the wide, flat and parallel to the floor jaw line. This is typical of square jaw structure. Other type of jaw slope up from chin to angles.

Impressive, big, white, perfectly aligned teeth. This face is a healthy chewing pressure mechanism !

Well structured and balanced face. You can admire the jaw block of the lower 2/3 of the face.

Salma Hayek new movie

"Grown ups" is the new movie of Salma. Interesting movie poster where you can see the square jaw structure of Salma emphasized by the small jawed Maya Rudolph in background on the right. There might be cool jaw comparisons in this movie.

Look at this block....

Not the squarest jaw of our collection, but certainly wide, projecting and well muscled

Claire Forlani

I was innocently watching a CSI episode, when I noticed Gary Sinise's (Mac Taylor) girlfriend is yet another beautiful square jawed woman !
A quick search on the internet confirmed the diagnosis as you can see from the attached images.

Square jaw trilogy: pointing gonial angles and chin

Look at this robust face structure.....

A queen's profile. Square jaw is often associated with perfect neck position. One word: Elegance

Typical in square jawed women: see how the gonial angles point out from the sides of the face, causing a depression between oversized cheekbones and jaw angles. (also note the ridiculous botox and possibly eye lift. How can surgeon be paid for this ?)

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