A site for square jawed women admirers, at last !!
It is our theory that square jaw in women is an attribute of superior beauty translating higher efficiency in chewing mechanism and more favorable pattern for overall growth of bone in the entire face and neck region.
We have also noticed, that some men are very attracted by women with large, square, well defined jaw. Maybe they are responsive to a certain genetic and immune pattern found in square jawed women ?
We will use this site to share pictures about women with the exquisite square jaw pattern. This site is an oasis for all square jawed women and their admirers. Enjoy.
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New square jaws from asia

Unbelievable thick and square jaw on this superb asian woman. She could be the emblem of this site. Photo credit: Mariusz sikorski @ http://fotologue.jp/fukanzen

Look at the size of jaw angle region. Face is superb.

Kareena Kapoor, a beauty from india

I was browsing the web, when my attention was caught by a small picture where I instantly recognized the square jaw pattern.
I opened the picture and realized it was of Kareena Kapoor, an indian beauty well known on this site. I decided to conduct a little research, and here are the gems I found.....

(Didn't had time to browse the entire archive, but i'm sure more gems can be found at: http://www.kareenak.net/gallery/ )

How elegant, look at the size and squareness of the jaw box

As often, cheekbones are huge and give this typical "model" look

My heart stopped for a second when I discovered this picture. Look how jaw is well grown, from angle to chin point

Beauty, only beauty....

Jaw plane parallel to floor plane

See how light plays with huge cheekbones, no wonder why high cheekbones are highly sought in modeling industry

Classical huge glasses that suits only the largest faces

Picture is small unfortunately, but one can see the square jawed face structure, with huge cheekbones and jaw angles supporting the jaw muscle

Square jaw and sun glasses 3

Just found this little image. Tom Ford definitely understands that square jawed models are well suited for big sun glasses.

See how flat is the jaw line

Miss Thailand

Brought to us by Geat, thanks: http://www.womenlargejaw.com/node/871

Interesting, well developed jaw: nice growth, pointy, feminine chin

Nice Jaw box

Natassia Malthe

Thanks to our member "Geat" for reminding to our attention Natassia Malthe ( http://www.womenlargejaw.com/node/869 ). Indeed Geat, this is a very beautiful, true square jawed woman !! Isn't she exquisite ?
Asian women are maybe the most gifted when it comes to square jaw and beauty.

Here is a video of the lady in a social situation. Once again, you can notice how a square jawed woman in a social situation, gains assurance and seduction by emphasizing her jaw (example at 0:40). Notice how she ostensibly shows her jaw. She subconsciously wants everyone to see it.

Again, in this clip, you can admire the beautiful square jawed woman in motion:

See how the strong jaw angles are flaring out. Jaw width almost equals cheekbones width:

Image 43_1277986952.png

A nice angle on the Crown Princess of Sweden

A nice view of the underside of a strong female jaw.

Bridget Hall, focus on the Chin

If there is one thing nice about native model Bridget Hall, it's her chin.
In our never ending quest to understand and admire beautiful women, here are some pictures where you will be able to contemplate Bridget's chin.

On the first picture, you can see a comparison of the jaw plane of Bridget vs an average woman. See how her horizontal jaw plane seems to push the chin straight out of the lower face. Bridget Hall is an "horizontal grower": jaw is growing on a horizontal plane vs floor plane. This is typical of square jaws. Those familiar with the site know now that we consider this facial pattern a characteristic of superior beauty and facial mechanics.

Note that this kind of chin is absolutely not "masculine". Masculine chins have more height and different shapes.

Massive cheekbones, proud chin

New article

I just published a new page about square jaw and masculinity where I explain why I think that squareness of a jaw has nothing to do with male hormones and masculinity.
Read it: http://www.womenlargejaw.com/square-jaw-is-not-masculine

Agnes lux

Again, a model with "the" jaw. On the first picture, you can really understand the square jaw structure: jaw is descending from the ear lob as a straight line, which has the effect to create a sharp and massive jaw angle. Jaw plane is long and straight. How delicious. Face is so sensual.

It's the girl on the right

Sophie ellis bextor

Another beauty with well developed gonial angles.

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