Square Jaw Theory


We love feminie, sexy women with:

  • Broad, square jaw
  • High, strong cheekbones
  • Projecting chin
  • Horizontal jaw line
  • Hypertrophied jaw  muscles (masseter)
  • White, large and thick teeth
  • The habit to bite and destroy little objects with their powerful jaws

Angelina Jolie sexy square jaw

I). How to recognize and define a woman with a strong jaw ? -see below for real life examples-

Woman with a big, long, strong jaw - profile:
  • B-C line, the jaw plane, is straight, almost parallel to the floor.
  • There is a notable A-B distance. A-B is perpendicular to the floor.
  • B is an angle. The smaller the angle, the squarer the jaw. Angle is 90 degrees on very square jawed women
  • Chin and cheekbones are often projecting
  • Skin under jaw is very tight. Double chin is rare or will appear at a later age.
  • Mandible  is often heavily muscular and strong
  • Sexy !!

Average woman, profile:
  • No notable angle at B. No notable A-B line. You could almost draw a line from the ear lob right to the chin point.
  • B-C is curve.
  • Chin and cheekbones are less projecting.
  • Mandible bone is thinner, less muscular.
  • More prone to double chin.


Frontal criterias of a large jaw woman:
  • B-B' jaw width is almost equal to D-D' cheekbones width. The closer, the squarer. On extremely square jawed women, B-B' width is SUPERIOR to D-D' cheekbone width
  • Width between D and D' and B-B' is higher than for regular woman.
  • TCV angle is wider than for average woman.
  • Face height measured from D-D' to C (chin) may be smaller than on average woman, because the face is more compact and the jaw squarer.
  • Overall aspect of the face looks healthy and square. The "jaw box" is taking more place.



II). Real life examples and comparison

Small jaw -Frontal

Small Jaw -3/4

Small jaw - profile

Big jaw - frontal
Model Shalom Harlow.
See the width of the jaw and cheeks

Big Jaw -3/4
Model Shalom Harlow
See the heaviness of B angle

Big jaw - profile
Actress Kira clavell
Big, long and wide jaw

III). Anatomy

You will often notice that strong cheekbones often accompanies a strong lower jaw. This is because the jaw muscles attaches both to the B angles (see graph above) and cheekbones in order to apply the pressure of the chewing mechanism. Thus, larger bone means larger muscles. Women with large jaw, and horizontal B-C line (also called Frankfurt mandibular plane) often have a stronger bite force than average woman and their large masseter muscle is easily visible when they chew. We have gathered evidence of the relation about mandible shape and bite force. Click here to read it.

Strong cheekbones, large mandible, protruding chin, thick, well aligned teeth often form a sexy combo of a well developed chewing mechanism.

See how the jaw muscles attaches to the B angle and cheekbone.
The more these attach points are developed, the more potential there is for a larger muscle,
 and thus a stronger bite force.


IV). Submit pictures and measurements

You can check our galleries with many examples of sexy strong jawed women. You can also submit your own pictures.
Maybe you know a woman with a strong jaw or noticed a particular celebrity showing these characteristics ?
We would also be interested to gather women jaw measurements.

V). Miscellaneous observations

-Asian women seem to have the most developed and large jaw you could encounter. It doesn't mean it's an exclusivity, but I often noticed that most of the times, Asian (Chinese in particular) women that I encountered had enormous, thick and square jaw mandible.
I had the chance to measure their cheekbones and mandible (DD' and BB') and it revealed that sometimes, it was  several centimeters larger than my own corresponding measurements, even if I'm a 6'0 feet tall man and they were 5’5 women.

-Usually, women with a big and wide mandible are often playing with their jaw. They love to chew little objects, like pencils and such. It seems like if they have a need to bite.

-It seems women with large jaw characteristics love to show their jaw. You name it subconscious body language, but women with these jaw, even shy women, seems to have the habit to raise their head up as subtle jaw / chin exhibition, so you just “can’t miss it”. Watch it in real life, or on TV / movie, you might get surprised. When a big jawed shy woman is talking to you, when she needs to build up confidence, it seems she will want to exhibit her jaw to impress / attract you.
Very noticeable is Angelina Jolie who shows to the world what a beautiful, strong jaw she has.


I keep wanting to call the

I keep wanting to call the horizontal jaw line and the tight skin under the jaw a "flat chin". If I say a woman has a "flat chin", I mean it as a compliment, saying she's sexy, even if it's the only thing I find sexy about her.

wow....I never even knew

wow....I never even knew this type of thing existed. I've heard of men being attracted to large women, men being attracted to large breasts, and even men being attracted to large feet. But men being attracted to large JAWS?? (lol...just typing it that way made me think of the shark movie..."JAWS") Well...I guess to each his own! Learn somethin' new every day...



I don't think it's so

I don't think it's so shocking or odd. defined jawlines are very attractive..

My mind = blown. I have seen

My mind = blown.

I have seen quite a few things on the internet but never thought I would read someones explanation of a concept like 'square jaw theory'.

I think it is unimaginable

I think it is unimaginable that no one is putting the sexual implications into place. Fellatio, anyone?

I wrote on site introduction

I wrote on site introduction about attraction... this certainly has sexual implications. I think that square jaw (in both men and women) translates a healthy positive genetic pattern that sensitizes some people at varying degree.

No (why does everything


(why does everything always go back to something sexual? ugh)

I hate to be the one to say

I hate to be the one to say it but the rows of pictures of the 'small jaw' women make them look diseased. Its like the oval shape cartoonists use when making first sketches. A large jaw in the correct proportions has to be an indicator of greater health and therefore you would expect it to be more sexually attractive all other things being kept equal.

A well-defined jawline is my

A well-defined jawline is my favorite female feature. This site is awesome.

I can agree to a certain

I can agree to a certain extent. The first feature I noticed on my fiance that attracted me was her perfectly proportioned square jaw. She looks just like a Bulgarian version of Jordana Brewster. Very attractive. But it doesn't necessarily mean that women with or without the square jaw are or are not attractive. I've seen many women with a square jaw that just look odd. I've also see Plenty of very beautiful women with a smaller more rounded face. It all depends on the how the other facial features all come together. What really matters is what each individual's perception of true beauty is. What one persons personal perception may be of one woman may be completely different to another.

I have never seen a website

I have never seen a website such as this. I am an older student living on campus at Oregon State University.
I am a man.
I would be facinated to meet a beautiful woman who may have a beautiful profile.
I am happy and I am honest. I'm getting old enough to know that I want to be in love.
talk to me.


Is this a chat?.
I'm going to bed but I am at doty_daniel@hotmail.com

This is a great site. I have

This is a great site. I have a strong jaw line which I got from my dad. All these years I have been self conscious about it but I get lots of compliments that I am beautiful, stunning...but I never believe it because of my strong jaw line. Always felt I wanted smaller feminine features. But yes, im constantly playing w my jawline..not to draw attn but to hide it.great site-i should be proud with what I was born w. Probably doesn't help that I grind my teeth at nite too.

I'm a female with a square

I'm a female with a square jaw, too. In hind sight I've always gotten a lot of attention because of it. My male friends find it hysterical that I thought people were staring at me for other reasons. "OMG! I must be getting a zit!" and the like. Even funnier to them is that I recognized, in my own words, that I had a "big face.".....and to them it was beautiful. My husband compliments my "good bone structure" every day. I have the high, pronounced cheek bones to go with the jaw. It works for me.....and I'm sure it's working for you, too. Enjoy the attention!

Hi and welcome to the

Hi and welcome to the site.
Would you like to share a picture of your face with us ? You can create a new thread and attach a picture.


im square jawed and i like

im square jawed and i like this thread lmao

oh my gosh... I'm only 17

oh my gosh... I'm only 17 and people tell me all the time that i have a " big face " sometimes i wish my face was small and puny like selena gomez lol although i'm not sure if i have big jaws it looks small but in the front my chin makes a v shape

Selena Gomez has kind of a

Selena Gomez has kind of a wide jaw doesn't she? Roundish face, wide jaw?

no in my opinion her face is

no in my opinion her face is very small there's like no width to it, her jaws are pretty small....

I have a square jaw but

I have a square jaw but almost no cheekbones, and I hate it. I mean, it would be fine if I had prominent cheekbones AND a prominent jawline, but all I have is a big jaw. And the funny thing is that, when I was little, my face shape used to be very oval. It was around 8th grade for me that my face shape started to change. And the funny thing is; most people don't notice that I have a square face until they see a photograph of me. Sometimes, on pictures, my face shape appears very square, and other times, it appears oval.

I mean, this one girl looked at a photo of me and said, "Wow! You have a square face... I've actually never noticed that."
I suppose that means that my face looks wider in pictures than in real life.

I have a really small chin, though.

I would compare my face shape to that of Jennifer Lopez's, and many people consider her face to be heart-shaped. So I'm very confused as to what my face shape is.
It used to be oval when I was young (like Taylor Swift's), and now, it's a squarish-heart shape like Jennifer Lopez's.

It's racial. Those of us

It's racial.

Those of us native to the north... Eurasians and Asians, all of us. Not one Northern race/sub-race is pure European/white, and none of us are African/black. Anyways... Our ancestors ate things of the northern region of the Earth, because that's where they were. And, it's kind of rougher, tougher food. We needed to evolve to have strong jaws to bite and chew what was available for eating. Put it this way... We ate things like reigndeer, bear, badger, camel, horse, seal, whale, etc. Thick, rough meat, with thick, blubbery fat. And, everything we ate was small-to-medium in size... Whether it started that way (berries, cherries, plums), or we made it that way (cutting, breaking, tearing). So, we have small-to-medium mouthes, with big, strong jaws.

On the other hand... Less northern of humanity ate bigger things, such as larger fruits and vegetables... So, they evolved to have medium-to-large mouthes. And, their jaws are not as strong, because they ate a lot of softer foods like fruit and fish. They did not have to hunt or fish as much, because they had more plant-life available to them. And, the bigger mouthed ones... Is to bite into big, round fruits, such as apples and oranges. So, the rest of humanity have bigger mouthes, and weaker jaws.

Because humans love to mix it up, and it's good for us to do so, too. ;) You will see the traits of the north all over, and might see people racially mixed sporting the Eurasian/Asian traits who otherwise couldn't have the DNA for it. Asians are the biggest percent of the global population, and Eurasians are the second. (Or, they might be about on par, since many Eurasians are being counted as Asian in current data, just as many are counted as European. The current standard data is wrong, because it doesn't even include all races, and wrongfully puts people of the not included races into races they do not belong to. - How I know Eurasian is the second or tied for first is I added up Eurasian ethnicities' estimated populations, and rounded it DOWN throughout this math. Our global population is so huge that I think the human population is actually higher than the 7 billion estimate. It was something like 3-to-4 billion just for Eurasians.) So, yes, it might seem to anyone who hasn't studied this that anyone can have this look. Actually, you're wrong about that. It's genetic.

And, prefering Asians and Eurasians is not something to be ashamed of. If you are willing to learn about our histories and cultures, you'll lower culture clash when you pursue a partner, and won't annoy them. The reason why sometimes people get mad about someone of another race having a thing for their race is that sometimes the person is outright offensively ignorant about it while attracted to it... So, they do and say offensive things. Another possible cause is if the person is a self-hating type of racist; and, in that case, they will be quite turned off if they find out you are attracted to them because of a look common in their race. Frankly, self-hating people are not psychologically healthy enough to make for good partners to begin with, so move on and don't worry about it if that one happens. As for culture clash... Learn more about their cultures, and you'll be fine.

First I disagreed with you

First I disagreed with you then I agreed with you about the square jaw angle not being masculine. Now I am not so sure, because all those women with square jaws that you are showing here, look masculine to me, and so do all the women on your home page. Nevertheless, they still look attractive.

Yet, Grace Kelly had a square jaw and I think she is perfect, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and doe not look masculine at all. I don't know what to think, maybe the jaw has to big and square to look masculine?


Your question was already

Your question was already answered in that post "Square jaw isn't masculine":

"- Men with big chin, and generally large jaw might look very virile, and it might shaped by high level androgenic hormones, independently or the squareness of the jaw, as shown with Hulk Hogan non square jaw above. So yes there can be a relation between chin / jaw size and virility.
- Man with natural square jaw angle, with high level of androgenic hormones (either natural or supplemented) might give the impression of an extremely big and virile jaw: androgenic hormones might grow bone on the naturally square jaw, increasing its prominence."

It is very rare to find a

It is very rare to find a woman with this kind of jawline. I mean honestly... when you go to the mall and look for a woman with a jawline like Magdelena Frackowiak... its just not common. Now, usually the women that have this jawline (speaking in all honestly) are not very attractive. BUT there are few (which are the rare finds) that have a square jaw but are very pretty. Many you will see in magazines and in high fashion because they dont look like anyone else (which of course fashion looks for those poeple) . They have their own unique look, which is certainly not a bad thing and is often times very attractive. Trust me... take it from a 14 year old that has it :-). We (square jaw women) also get mocked and made fun of sometimes because of this... i Have no idea why but whatever... some will say your ugly but thats because teens today dont appreciate unique looks. They only look for long hair, the face that 90% of American girls have: long or oval, and skinny. Its not everyday that you find a girl with that jawline all the time. And then there are the other people, who see your beauty and uniqueness and comment on how beautiful you are. Trust me, I've gotten it before, and it can come from parents and teens. ANYWAY, I'm proud of my uniqueness, and I wouldnt trade it for the world. Thanks for reading :p

odd, i find those big ass

odd, i find those big ass jawlines totally unattracive, especially as women age the look becomes more pronounced and manly, witch like, i prefer a much more feminine look, the chick you picture will not age well as far as im concerned looks wise, regardless of the ageing element, i still find women with proment jawlines, angelina jolee, etc... unattractive, as a side note , i've seen a preference for women with very wide shoulders and narrow hips, again a more masculine aspect of the female form (atleast from my perspective) i find this preference even more confounding. i'm not driven my the height of a women but the proportions of say shoulder to hips and the facial proportions, at least my preference seems to be the anthesis of popular culture. while this doesn't effect my stability in the world, i find the rest of societies fasination with their oddity interesting.

The masculinity of jaw isn't

The masculinity of jaw isn't in the squareness of the angle. Squareness is more the expression of efficiency than androgyny. Male hormones affects the jaw in a different fashion.
Anyway, you mention these very wide shouldered women, do you have any examples ? Some names ?

I just stumbled across

I just stumbled across this...
I'm amazed, to be honest. I have a short chin and prominent jaw- they are completely level. Huge cheek bones and decent sized lips... I've always found my face annoying. My chin is only an inch long from the bottom of my lip. But my jaw could probably break someone's knuckles. How do you guys find this attractive? Lol!

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