The Square jaw holy grail


Good news: the square jaw holy grail was found. Let me introduce you to Ana, a visitor of this site, now member of the very select "Wlj beauties" club.
Not only is Ana beautiful, feminine and healthy looking.... she also happen to have the rare, perfect, 90 degrees jaw. It's the holy grail of the square jaw world, "the perfect square jaw", which will be proved and documented in this post. Ready ?

(PS: thanks Ana for sharing pictures and documentation)

Not striking at first glance, the square jaw specialist can still guess from this picture, the square jawed structure. Impossible to deny that this face is typically feminine: eyes, skin, lips and skull shape. Notice the lustrous hairs:

Here you go, a perfect square jaw. Still, the face is adorable and 100% feminine:

You can notice the flat jaw plane, horizontal growing face. 5 stars face:

Perfectly flat jaw plane, square structure. Notice the distance from ear lob to jaw angle:

Beauty is looking at you:

The holy grail: unique scan of this square jawed women's skull. Absolute documented square jaw proof . 90 degrees angle. Ruler flat jaw plane. Symmetrical. Healthy, robust structure. Large muscle attachment, strong bite force that can cause headaches:


The CT scan totally got me!

The CT scan totally got me! Very very nice!

Yes, this is a rare

Yes, this is a rare visualization of a square jawed beauty. I would be curious to see one from the Persian beauty.

Wow, thanks! :$

Wow, thanks! :$

Ron and Ana, this is great!

Ron and Ana, this is great!

Wow! This girls is amazingly

Wow! This girls is amazingly beautiful! I loved the scan too, perfect bite, everithing is in the right place. What a face!

Thanks. <3

Thanks. <3

I can also tell, I know she

I can also tell, I know she is even more beautiful in person. For some reason many square jaw ladies are more beautiful in person. I remember the most beautiful lady I have seen in person, she had a square jaw, she was from Bangladesh, was very exotic looking, she looked like she was from India with a touch of east-asian traits. When I saw her I could not believe anybody could be that beautiful. For my surprise I found her in facebook and when I looked at her pictures, she was not the beauty I saw in person. I was shocked, she did not looked as pretty as she is. Her photos did no justice to her. Many times I see this amazing beautiful girls, and I keep wondering how do they look in person. I bet they look even more beautiful in real life.

Ana you are stunning, so beautiful, delicate, and even when you are that pretty in photos, I know you look even better in real life.

It would be nice to have videos of this ladies also. I will be delighted if that would be possible.

Thanks you. :) When I was

Thanks you. :)
When I was younger I thought I looked better in photographs, hiding my square jaw.
Today I really prefer myself in the real life. x)

Lovely-looking girl. But is

Lovely-looking girl.
But is that a real CT scan?
They have quite a heavy radiological dose, you know...not to be undertaken lightly.

Yes, it is. :)

Yes, it is. :)

Btw, I know about the

Btw, I know about the radiological issues, since I'm also a veterinary student.
The CT scan was necessary to study a treatment because this angle and the strong muscles in my jaw causes strong headaches sometimes, together with some other odontological problems. All because I have a really strong bite and, since my muscles are "used" to it, I just notice when it's too late and painful. Blah, blah, boring stuff. :P
Sorry about my english, btw.

4th pic is my

4th pic is my favorite.Beautiful profile!

I really love that pic. :)

I really love that pic. :)

WOW Ana. Absolutely gorgeous

WOW Ana. Absolutely gorgeous craniofacial structure (not even just your jaw box, which is epic in and of itself). I love your style too, its like you climbed right out of my dreams in every dimension possible, even the glasses. If your ever single.... ;)

More to the topic, if you happen to read this, have you ever had any orthodontic treatment? If so what was your dental problem?

Have your wisdom teeth been extracted? It looks like they have but maybe im miscounting. If they were extracted, were they impacted or was it done solely as a precaution, and how long ago was it done relative to the photos and scan?

When I was 8 years old I

When I was 8 years old I used braces for a short time to straighten my teeth.
Last year I've done a cosmetic treatment with porcelain veneers to restore the shape of my teeth. Since I have a really strong bite and had bruxism in the past, they're 'flat', as you can see in the CT scan.

And no, my wisdom teeth hasn't been extracted.

The CT scan was made to study the anatomy of my jaw and a possible surgery to reduce the angle o my jaw (my mouth opening is limited due that, and its painful to keep it open for more than a few minutes) and then extract all four wisdom teeth under general anesthesia.
Since they've stop bothering me for now, I decided to wait. In the beginning I thought about get the surgery done, but now I'm just too afraid of changing the shape of my face that drastically. So, I guess I'll keep it that way. :) Sometimes I even like it, haha. :P

Btw, thank you for your comment and the compliments. :')

Hey I appreciate the reply

Hey I appreciate the reply and tickling of my curiosity :)

If you would care to entertain me further, you can answer more questions! Ive an absurd fascination with craniofacial morphology, and as of lately, the role of dental occlusion in dictating morphology of the lower third of the face.

When you bite down to chew, what teeth do you experience bite force on? Is it solely restricted to your rear molars (1,2, and 3) or do you feel contact in more forward teeth as well? Specificly, do you feel pressure in your incisors?

Have your veneers noticeably changed what teeth experience bite force pressure? If so how? (do you experience more pressure in your molars when biting now with veneers as opposed to before, etc.).

What is your ethnicity? Im guessing your purely caucasian, but where do your parents originate from?

Does your mother or father, or any siblings (if you have any) present with the same mandibular plane and bruxism, or are you an oddity in your family for this morphological pattern?

Ive a theory that removal of wisdom teeth, when not necessary to do so, could lead to a reduction in length of the maxilla and mandible over time through remodeling (perhaps even facilitating premature soft tissue aging) by removing a potent mechanical force that applies pressure to the jaw. I base this off the simple fact that the loss of a tooth is almost always followed by the loss of jaw bone tissue in that area. Even if the tooth removal is intentional, bone loss would still likely follow over the years. It is something to take into consideration before you let people saw your face to pieces for something that may not be necessary.

As for changing your jaw angle, thats non sense. Women pay thousands of dollars for gonial angle implants to achieve that kind of mandibular plane, don't be that women who pays thousands of dollars to get rid of such beauty naturally given to her. And besides, theres only ONE thing I can think of that requires a girl to have her mouth open for any prolonged period of time, and its nowhere near important enough to justify changing your jaw over, I dont care what your boyfriend says :p

Hi, why don't you register

why don't you register or specify a name ? Answering to "unregistered" user is not cool.

Hi does anyone know what ana

Hi does anyone know what ana with the 90 degree sexy jaw Facebook is?

Hey what's your Facebook, so

Hey what's your Facebook, so we could chat about your sexy beautiful head of yours if you like ;)

Wow you are just amazingly

Wow you are just amazingly gorgeous, that is the first time I was ever turned on by a CT scan picture. WOW JUST WOW!!! You are truly blessed. Do you have a very strong bite force like the rumor implies? Can you easily bite through things that would give other people trouble? The amount of bone mass and the perfect 90 degree angle on that scan is just amazing. Thank you so much for the pics.

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