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Makeup on a beautiful square jawed woman

This site hasn't reopened yet. Still, I stumbled upon this and wanted to share it with you. It's a makeup séance of a beautiful square jawed woman face. You can admire the face of this girl from all angles. It's so much more easier to magnify a face with such a prominent structure than a flat face. Actually you can suck at makeup and the face will still look high class. Notice the incredible symmetry of this face, how voluptuous it looks. Everything is strong and square in this face, still it's really feminine. Special mention to the ears of the model: I particularly like those small, very folded ears. On a square face with a tight pony tail, those small ears look amazingly cool.

Now some news about the site: I will soon start working on a new, more interactive version of this site. Stay tuned. I will continue to show the world, the beauty of square jawed women.

Long, square jaw

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures: it was taken with a mobile phone on a fashion store display window.
Square jawed people are rare. Beautiful square jawed people are even rarer.

Tight skin by massive bone structure: she will not need a lifting until she is very, very old.

Perfect profile she can be proud of. Look at this position.... doesn't she seem aware of how attractive her jaw is? You non square jawed people reading this, think how ridiculous you would look exhibiting your small jaw in such a position.

brazilian model Tatiana Dumenti

and this :

***Admin edit: Excellent find, I didn't knew her. Congratulations to whoever you are "Unregistered user". I edited this post and added more pictures. This is an extremely beautiful woman, with of course, an above average squareness of the jaw. I can fall in love in a heart beat. When seeing such a creature you think for a moment that there is nothing more important in this world than woman beauty.***

Tatiana dumenti_1322433269.jpg

Big face structure even when compared to man size:

Again, we can see the bigger, sharper, squarer, more beautiful face structure:

Jaw plane is sharp, completely flat. Angle is square and jutting:

Nice smile, big mouth pointy feminine chin:

Sui He, the asian TOP

Asian women are becoming the new tops. Sui He is exploding. And of course, in the typical asian way, she has this incredible face structure with the strong jaw and cheeks. The relief of her face is a must.

Blocky cheekbones, flat prominent jaw line, sharp jaw angle and sculpted feminine pointy chin.... the asian splendor :

Massive jaw box, noticable angle.... I like when hairs are so tightly brought backward, emphasizing the projecting face:

Eye is comfortably surrounded by massive cheekbone. Notice distance from external eye corner to face sides. You can find similar view / structure in "natives" women pictures from a few posts ago:

In this position you can see the drawing of the chin and how it projects:

Notice the perfect position of the neck: straight and noble. Weak jaw often force the neck to bend forward to facilitate air passage. Now that's a jaw !:

With makeup. Notice the size of the makeup patch to barely cover the big cheekbone. On small structured face a patch of this size would cover almost entire side:

I'm impressed by this elegance:

Edita Vilkeviciute super structure

Here is another model with super sharp face structures. This face transpire health and harmonious bone growth. Chin is pointy, and protrude forward in exquisite way. Jaw plane is well visible and very flat.

Look at this square jaw box, flat jaw line !! Just as sexy for us square jaw admirers as the nice pair of breast just below:

Omnipresence of the jaw bone in square jawed people:

One can admire the square jaw pattern with the proportionally strong cheekbones:

Picture is cold, but I chose it because it perfectly shows the square jaw structure:

This face is a piece of art. Ears, nose, eyes, skull... everything is working together in the harmony of health:

High class face:

Ruler flat jaw line with feminine pointy chin:

Miss KAZAKHSTAN World 2010 - Assel Kuchukova

In the pure square jawed asian style, here is Assel Kuchukova, who was brought to our attention by visitor Geat. She has the typical square jaw features found on some asian girls: very thick and robust jaw and face structure, which are relatively big when compared to average girls. Here is another square jawed woman doing very well in beauty contest.

Rare footage of authentic square jaw woman speaking:

I love the super straight hair along the exploding broad face:

Beautiful face. Look at the size of this cheekbones !

Exceptionally squarish feature for the overall jaw box

Picture is small unfortunately, but you can see her larger face structure in comparison to the surrounding girls

Other face structure comparison

Outstanding face relief. Admire the mechanic of the cheekbones and jaw angle

Native american model extreme beauty, square face study

Here is another native american model. Structurally speaking, her face is perfect. It's broad, square, and very feminine. But you know now that squareness is not what defines maleness (read ). Her chewing mechanism is visibly supported by powerful and healthy structures. Notice the shadowy slight depression of skin just under the cheekbones and above masseter muscle attachement angle. This often happens on strong jawed women with oversized cheekbones and jaw angles and is often sought in modeling industry. How delicious.

This feminine face is art. Symmetrical, proportionated, healthy and robust:

See how she plays with her huge cheekbones by slightly pinching here lips. You can see the shadowy depression mentioned earlier:

This face projects a sense of jaw strength and robustness. If women cheekbones have more fat than men's, this face is supported by strong bone structure:

Interesting and rare point of view. You can see how the jaw angles projects, and how a square face is structured. Also notice ruler straight line from chin point to jaw angle. See how the light plays with the face structures:

Another interesting view. You can notice the triangular jaw, and bony face structure:

Chin is really strong and projecting.... but in the pointy typical feminine way. Men chin are very different:

Profile view. Notice how perfectly sculpted is this face. The strong chin, flat jaw line, massive mouth. It jumps out of the screen how efficient this chewing mechanism is, and how important it is in face beauty perception (it's 2/3 of face):

We can see here the huge teeth, in the context of this efficient chewing structures. I like also the red skin :):

A sense of massiveness when you look at this face:

Jaw plane is flat:

Mouth is big, lips are horizontally stretched, proportionally to broad jawed face:

natasha poly russian model

russian model with mongolian blood.


More of Anne Marie

In the first photo she does not have a drop of make up and she is still stunning!

Anne Marie Kortright

Beautiful latina!


Dree Hemingway

The great-granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway has a nice piece of jaw!

Notice the broad, heavy jaw

Jaw block is obviously huge

Thick jaw bone

Superb teeth, as often the case with such perfect chewing machine

Random square jawed beauties from around the world

Here are random pics of beauties from around the world.
They are not necessarily super square jawed, but nonetheless they all have it well sculpted and prominent.

Shu pei - vogue china may 2010

Lakshmi menon - vogue india february 2010

Hyun yi lee - vogue china july 2010 notice the nice face structure with jutting cheekbones

Liu wen

Nice teeth

Some square jaw admirers first began to notice and appreciate nice teeth on women. I was personally an early admirer of women with big, well aligned teeth. It is only later that I developed my taste for the most powerful and efficient type of jaw to support these teeth: the square jaw. Teeth and jaw are both part of the equation of efficient chewing mechanism, which I believe has a highly attractive power on some men.
Here are some pictures of women, with superb and natural large teeth.

But first, here is a 3d video made by one of our visitor. He perfectly captured what is so sexy about big healthy teeth demonstrating their crushing power behind a sexy mouth. I didn't knew this visitor, and was very delighted to discover his work. It proves yet again, that the purpose of this site represents the taste of many people.

Bianca Balti is a model with enormous and superb teeth

Oooo yes show them !

Forgot the name of this model.... she used to be casted specifically for the beauty and size of her teeth

Square face, square teeth, broad dental arch, well developed face..... this bone structure must feel incredibly confortable and powerful

Carol Brandao, model with huge and perfect teeth, lips, and dental arch

Bruce Willis likes them square !

Is Bruce Willis one of us ? It seems so. When you look at his ex wife Demi Moore, and his current wife Emma Heming, you can easily notice that they are both square jawed women !

Nice face structure. Notice the projecting cheekbones, strong and flat jaw line, and squarish jaw angle. Ready to bite hard !

Square jawed profile of Emma Heming
Ex wife Demi Moore, with her strong, square jaw

Asian square

These were spotted on photographer Ferenc Ecseki' s web site. To see more of his photos visit Female Model Portrait Photography Tips page. This is a talented photographer, who likes to picture women with strong bone structure. Again, here is a typical asian beauty with THE jaw. So delicious.

Head is just slightly raised, still, you can see the wide, flat and parallel to the floor jaw line. This is typical of square jaw structure. Other type of jaw slope up from chin to angles.

Impressive, big, white, perfectly aligned teeth. This face is a healthy chewing pressure mechanism !

Well structured and balanced face. You can admire the jaw block of the lower 2/3 of the face.

Square jaw and sun glasses 3

Just found this little image. Tom Ford definitely understands that square jawed models are well suited for big sun glasses.

See how flat is the jaw line

Miss Thailand

Brought to us by Geat, thanks:

Interesting, well developed jaw: nice growth, pointy, feminine chin

Nice Jaw box

Bridget Hall, focus on the Chin

If there is one thing nice about native model Bridget Hall, it's her chin.
In our never ending quest to understand and admire beautiful women, here are some pictures where you will be able to contemplate Bridget's chin.

On the first picture, you can see a comparison of the jaw plane of Bridget vs an average woman. See how her horizontal jaw plane seems to push the chin straight out of the lower face. Bridget Hall is an "horizontal grower": jaw is growing on a horizontal plane vs floor plane. This is typical of square jaws. Those familiar with the site know now that we consider this facial pattern a characteristic of superior beauty and facial mechanics.

Note that this kind of chin is absolutely not "masculine". Masculine chins have more height and different shapes.

Massive cheekbones, proud chin

Agnes lux

Again, a model with "the" jaw. On the first picture, you can really understand the square jaw structure: jaw is descending from the ear lob as a straight line, which has the effect to create a sharp and massive jaw angle. Jaw plane is long and straight. How delicious. Face is so sensual.

It's the girl on the right

Eyeglasses and square faces 2

In continuation to: about our observation of square jawed models hired for eye glasses advertising campaigns.

Would you imagine this type of glass on someone with a weak bone structure ?