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Native American, Lebanese, Black & Puerto Rican square jawed woman !

I was contacted by a beautiful young lady that is now part of our select club of WLJ beauties .

It's a very original mix of Native American, Black, Lebanese and Puerto rican !! I believe the face structure is from the native roots, but you can clearly see in that face the other origins. Quite interesting. The jaw is authentically square and well muscled !

square jawed female Julia Jones

another beautiful shaped jaw:-)


Amber beauty

Here is another picture, kindly shared by one of our square jawed beauty star: Amber.
Amber is a professional model, and her pictures never lack of artistic touch.

You can appreciate the superb shape of this massive and healthy piece of jaw. Jaw angle that prominent, can only be found on very broad jaws.

Native american model extreme beauty, square face study

Here is another native american model. Structurally speaking, her face is perfect. It's broad, square, and very feminine. But you know now that squareness is not what defines maleness (read ). Her chewing mechanism is visibly supported by powerful and healthy structures. Notice the shadowy slight depression of skin just under the cheekbones and above masseter muscle attachement angle. This often happens on strong jawed women with oversized cheekbones and jaw angles and is often sought in modeling industry. How delicious.

This feminine face is art. Symmetrical, proportionated, healthy and robust:

See how she plays with her huge cheekbones by slightly pinching here lips. You can see the shadowy depression mentioned earlier:

This face projects a sense of jaw strength and robustness. If women cheekbones have more fat than men's, this face is supported by strong bone structure:

Interesting and rare point of view. You can see how the jaw angles projects, and how a square face is structured. Also notice ruler straight line from chin point to jaw angle. See how the light plays with the face structures:

Another interesting view. You can notice the triangular jaw, and bony face structure:

Chin is really strong and projecting.... but in the pointy typical feminine way. Men chin are very different:

Profile view. Notice how perfectly sculpted is this face. The strong chin, flat jaw line, massive mouth. It jumps out of the screen how efficient this chewing mechanism is, and how important it is in face beauty perception (it's 2/3 of face):

We can see here the huge teeth, in the context of this efficient chewing structures. I like also the red skin :):

A sense of massiveness when you look at this face:

Jaw plane is flat:

Mouth is big, lips are horizontally stretched, proportionally to broad jawed face:

Native american model Amber

Here are new pictures from a native square jawed beauty who is a visitor of this site. It's always a pleasure to see such amazing woman proud of her beauty and square jaw. Thanks for the pictures!

Black and White images credit: Eric Rose.

Same kind of skull structure as Disney's Pocahontas from previous blog entry. This face looks "noble".

Discreet forehead, healthy hairs, straight nose, eyes full of life, delicious dark olive skin, and of course large jaw box... all the beauty of life resumed here

In this picture you can appreciate the width and structure of the jaw

Stunning picture for the square jaw admirer. You can clearly see the strong mechanism of this big cheekbone and jaw angle, where the strength is produced. Now if you are wondering what model class high cheekbones are, you got your answer.

I simply love how the well developed lower jaw projects the lower lip giving this sensual emotion. This profile is simply amazing.

Disney heroine with a square jaw

There is absolutely no doubt that Disney deliberately decided to attribute a square jaw to the heroine of their motion picture "Pocahontas".
They studied square jawed women from every angles and came to this beautiful virtual beauty.

I have seen in real life some women with this rare type of jaw. It's a very specific type of square jaw, only found on some asian women, and is my absolute favorite: face is jaw centric: it seems all the head is built around this pressure machine. Jaw is extremely square, muscular and strong, yet face is delicate and feminine. Jaw line is ruler straight, teeth are naturally perfectly aligned, broad and thick. Cheekbones seem very high and projecting, face is flat, forehead small, which gives a distinct aspect to the projecting jaw box. The straight hairs with small volume emphasis the face size and structure.

I think this site deserves a jaw classification chapter :) .
Pocahontas really existed: but we don't know if she was square jawed ;)

This meets most of our square jaw criterias:

This is the real native american model who is said to have inspired the creators of Pocahontas. Look at this piece of jaw!:

halfbreed square jaw

Japanese/Czech/Cherokee Indian

halfbreed square jaw

halfbreed square jaw pride

Eric rose 1_1230132229.jpg

halfbreed undone