Actress jaw gallery

Carole Lombard

After watching 1939's Made for Each Other, I came across a classic square jawed beauty, Carole Lombard.

Carol lombard 2_1347262393.jpg

Carol lombard 3_1347262409.jpg

Alicia Minshew

Here you are.

Alicia minshew sj_1332826908.jpg

Alicia minshew sj 3_1332826933.jpg

Alicia minshew sj 5_1332826984.jpg

Alicia minshew sj 7_1332827013.jpg

Alicia minshew sj 9_1332827319.jpg

square jawed female Julia Jones

another beautiful shaped jaw:-)


Dolly Parton

I'm not a fan of fake hair but Dolly Parton was a hot, square jawed woman in her younger years.

Dolly parton_1321078892.jpg


Tiffani Amber Thiessen

She is so beautiful.

Tiffani amber thiessen 1_1320642193.jpg

Tonya Scott

This woman is a bit on the weird side, I must say but her jaw is sexy as hell.


In this picture we can clearly see her jaw structure..... difficult to say if it was enhanced, or if it's natural.
You could draw a square around the jaw, it would fit well. Jaw angles are strong.

lisa edelstein!

She plays sexy Cuddy on the show House. Very striking jawline and quite beautiful, imo.



Bruce Willis likes them square !

Is Bruce Willis one of us ? It seems so. When you look at his ex wife Demi Moore, and his current wife Emma Heming, you can easily notice that they are both square jawed women !

Nice face structure. Notice the projecting cheekbones, strong and flat jaw line, and squarish jaw angle. Ready to bite hard !

Square jawed profile of Emma Heming
Ex wife Demi Moore, with her strong, square jaw

Salma Hayek new movie

"Grown ups" is the new movie of Salma. Interesting movie poster where you can see the square jaw structure of Salma emphasized by the small jawed Maya Rudolph in background on the right. There might be cool jaw comparisons in this movie.

Look at this block....

Not the squarest jaw of our collection, but certainly wide, projecting and well muscled

Claire Forlani

I was innocently watching a CSI episode, when I noticed Gary Sinise's (Mac Taylor) girlfriend is yet another beautiful square jawed woman !
A quick search on the internet confirmed the diagnosis as you can see from the attached images.

Square jaw trilogy: pointing gonial angles and chin

Look at this robust face structure.....

A queen's profile. Square jaw is often associated with perfect neck position. One word: Elegance

Typical in square jawed women: see how the gonial angles point out from the sides of the face, causing a depression between oversized cheekbones and jaw angles. (also note the ridiculous botox and possibly eye lift. How can surgeon be paid for this ?)

Kareena Kapoor, a beauty from india

I was browsing the web, when my attention was caught by a small picture where I instantly recognized the square jaw pattern.
I opened the picture and realized it was of Kareena Kapoor, an indian beauty well known on this site. I decided to conduct a little research, and here are the gems I found.....

(Didn't had time to browse the entire archive, but i'm sure more gems can be found at: )

How elegant, look at the size and squareness of the jaw box

As often, cheekbones are huge and give this typical "model" look

My heart stopped for a second when I discovered this picture. Look how jaw is well grown, from angle to chin point

Beauty, only beauty....

Jaw plane parallel to floor plane

See how light plays with huge cheekbones, no wonder why high cheekbones are highly sought in modeling industry

Classical huge glasses that suits only the largest faces

Picture is small unfortunately, but one can see the square jawed face structure, with huge cheekbones and jaw angles supporting the jaw muscle

Françoise Hardy

Catherine McCormack - underside

from the film 'Midnight Man'

Natassia Malthe

Thanks to our member "Geat" for reminding to our attention Natassia Malthe ( ). Indeed Geat, this is a very beautiful, true square jawed woman !! Isn't she exquisite ?
Asian women are maybe the most gifted when it comes to square jaw and beauty.

Here is a video of the lady in a social situation. Once again, you can notice how a square jawed woman in a social situation, gains assurance and seduction by emphasizing her jaw (example at 0:40). Notice how she ostensibly shows her jaw. She subconsciously wants everyone to see it.

Again, in this clip, you can admire the beautiful square jawed woman in motion:

See how the strong jaw angles are flaring out. Jaw width almost equals cheekbones width:

Image 43_1277986952.png

Joan Chen

Joan Chen.

Swedish actress Julia Sandberg-Hansson

Amazingly beautiful.

Mia Maestro

Kira Clavell Pepsi diet advertising

Look what I just found ! A new clip from one of my favorite BSJW (beautiful square jawed woman) Kira Clavell.
You can notice the superb jaw shape from profile view when she drinks the Pepsi.

Maria Nafpliotou, antique greek beauty

Maria Nafpliotou is of Greek origin and was a dancer before becoming an actress. Dressed as an antique Greek beauty, she lit the Olympic torch for the 2008 Beijing Olympics using the sun's rays, starting the 2008 Summer Olympics torch relay‎. On October 22, 2009, she repeated the performance, starting the 2010 Winter Olympics torch relay.

We often discussed here the fact that the square jaw doesn't make a woman beautiful. Maria is the perfect example of exquisitely beautiful women with a strong jaw. Does the jaw make Maria beautiful ? It contributes certainly, to what I consider to be the highest class of beauty she possesses. I find this woman to be extremely beautiful: sensual, feminine and distinctive. Her jaw is not extremely square, but is salient, broad with a strong chin which gives her the perfect Greek profile of classical beauty.

You can see her in this video and imagine her as an antique goddess of beauty: