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Asselina Kuchukova

A new video about Miss Kazakhstan 2010.
This is an exceptional video as it is rare to see such a perfect and beautiful square/thick jawed woman so clearly featured. Your heart rhythm will accelerate.

Melanie Kannokada - lovely jaw

I chanced upon this Indian model with a lovely, strong jaw. Her face is the epitome of female beauty, and her defined jawline definitely contributes in no small part to her appeal.

The first image shows the well developed jaw in a 3/4th view. The second and fourth offer lovely side profile views. The fifth displays the nice strong teeth that accompany the square jaw.

If this doesn't make it to the main page, I don't know what will!

Liu Wen

Another Chinese Model

Liu wen 1_1348609050.jpg

Liu wen 2_1348609060.jpg

Shruti Agarwal

Another square jawed Indian beauty. Bollywood features the best of the best in the world.

Shruti agarwal 2_1348563545.jpg

Shruti agarwal 4_1348563571.jpg

Vipasha Agarwal

I am just beginning to realize how many squared jawed beauties Bollywood has given to the world. This one is a Salma Hayek lookalike.

Vipasha agarwal 2_1348563126.jpg

Vipasha agarwal 4_1348563187.jpg

Vipasha agarwal 5_1348563203.jpg

Vipasha agarwal 7_1348563239.jpg

Vipasha agarwal 9_1348563275.jpg

Vipasha agarwal 10_1348563291.jpg

Vipasha agarwal 14_1348563351.jpg

Xiao Wang

Another beautiful square jawed woman.

Wang xiao_1348558431.jpg

Xiao wang 3_1348558471.jpg

Shipra Malik

Ron, if this is not one of the most beautiful women in the world, then I don't know who is? She has the most perfect square jaw, perfect symmetrical features. all the femininely elegant features, and a beautiful physique!!! She is, by far, one of the best examples of square jaw beauty that I have ever seen. She should be the star of this site if you ask me. I am so glad I found her pictures.

Shipra malik 1_1348557176.jpg

Shipra malik 7_1348557269.jpg

Shipra malik 8_1348557281.jpg

Shipra malik 11_1348557325.jpg

Shipra malik 13_1348557365.jpg

Sui He, the asian TOP

Asian women are becoming the new tops. Sui He is exploding. And of course, in the typical asian way, she has this incredible face structure with the strong jaw and cheeks. The relief of her face is a must.

Blocky cheekbones, flat prominent jaw line, sharp jaw angle and sculpted feminine pointy chin.... the asian splendor :

Massive jaw box, noticable angle.... I like when hairs are so tightly brought backward, emphasizing the projecting face:

Eye is comfortably surrounded by massive cheekbone. Notice distance from external eye corner to face sides. You can find similar view / structure in "natives" women pictures from a few posts ago:

In this position you can see the drawing of the chin and how it projects:

Notice the perfect position of the neck: straight and noble. Weak jaw often force the neck to bend forward to facilitate air passage. Now that's a jaw !:

With makeup. Notice the size of the makeup patch to barely cover the big cheekbone. On small structured face a patch of this size would cover almost entire side:

I'm impressed by this elegance:

Miss KAZAKHSTAN World 2010 - Assel Kuchukova

In the pure square jawed asian style, here is Assel Kuchukova, who was brought to our attention by visitor Geat. She has the typical square jaw features found on some asian girls: very thick and robust jaw and face structure, which are relatively big when compared to average girls. Here is another square jawed woman doing very well in beauty contest.

Rare footage of authentic square jaw woman speaking:

I love the super straight hair along the exploding broad face:

Beautiful face. Look at the size of this cheekbones !

Exceptionally squarish feature for the overall jaw box

Picture is small unfortunately, but you can see her larger face structure in comparison to the surrounding girls

Other face structure comparison

Outstanding face relief. Admire the mechanic of the cheekbones and jaw angle

I have the asian square jaw...

I always feel conscious with a square jaw. When i visited China couple years ago, i went into a salon and the lady told me she likes my features but i should get a jaw reduction. Ever since i wish i had a rounder face....

*ADMIN EDIT: Welcome to the Wlj Beauties club Mary. Members of the club are visitors of the site like you, who were selected for their beauty, enhanced by a magnificent, genuine square jaw. Indeed, your jaw is square, but there is nothing excessive, and you are a very beautiful and feminine person. Thanks for sharing the pictures, you are representative of the Asian square jawed beauty type which is in my opinion, one of the most attractive type on earth.*

Admin: "Look at this face and expression..... does she realize how exquisite is her beauty ?":

Meng Lau

Random square jawed beauties from around the world

Here are random pics of beauties from around the world.
They are not necessarily super square jawed, but nonetheless they all have it well sculpted and prominent.

Shu pei - vogue china may 2010

Lakshmi menon - vogue india february 2010

Hyun yi lee - vogue china july 2010 notice the nice face structure with jutting cheekbones

Liu wen

Asian square

These were spotted on photographer Ferenc Ecseki' s web site. To see more of his photos visit Female Model Portrait Photography Tips page. This is a talented photographer, who likes to picture women with strong bone structure. Again, here is a typical asian beauty with THE jaw. So delicious.

Head is just slightly raised, still, you can see the wide, flat and parallel to the floor jaw line. This is typical of square jaw structure. Other type of jaw slope up from chin to angles.

Impressive, big, white, perfectly aligned teeth. This face is a healthy chewing pressure mechanism !

Well structured and balanced face. You can admire the jaw block of the lower 2/3 of the face.

New square jaws from asia

Unbelievable thick and square jaw on this superb asian woman. She could be the emblem of this site. Photo credit: Mariusz sikorski @

Look at the size of jaw angle region. Face is superb.

Kareena Kapoor, a beauty from india

I was browsing the web, when my attention was caught by a small picture where I instantly recognized the square jaw pattern.
I opened the picture and realized it was of Kareena Kapoor, an indian beauty well known on this site. I decided to conduct a little research, and here are the gems I found.....

(Didn't had time to browse the entire archive, but i'm sure more gems can be found at: )

How elegant, look at the size and squareness of the jaw box

As often, cheekbones are huge and give this typical "model" look

My heart stopped for a second when I discovered this picture. Look how jaw is well grown, from angle to chin point

Beauty, only beauty....

Jaw plane parallel to floor plane

See how light plays with huge cheekbones, no wonder why high cheekbones are highly sought in modeling industry

Classical huge glasses that suits only the largest faces

Picture is small unfortunately, but one can see the square jawed face structure, with huge cheekbones and jaw angles supporting the jaw muscle

Miss Thailand

Brought to us by Geat, thanks:

Interesting, well developed jaw: nice growth, pointy, feminine chin

Nice Jaw box

Natassia Malthe

Thanks to our member "Geat" for reminding to our attention Natassia Malthe ( ). Indeed Geat, this is a very beautiful, true square jawed woman !! Isn't she exquisite ?
Asian women are maybe the most gifted when it comes to square jaw and beauty.

Here is a video of the lady in a social situation. Once again, you can notice how a square jawed woman in a social situation, gains assurance and seduction by emphasizing her jaw (example at 0:40). Notice how she ostensibly shows her jaw. She subconsciously wants everyone to see it.

Again, in this clip, you can admire the beautiful square jawed woman in motion:

See how the strong jaw angles are flaring out. Jaw width almost equals cheekbones width:

Image 43_1277986952.png

Charo Galura

Thanks to our unregistered visitor for the discovery of Charo Galura in this thread: .
Indeed, she perfectly fits the profile researched by this site: the typical beautiful asian face, with the broad, strong and thick jaw.


Another beautiful square jawed woman on this site....

Thanks for sharing your pictures on this thread . You made it to the frontpage.
Jaw is quite square, and your large, white teeth are remarkable.

Great face structure, nice chin, cheekbones....

Superb broad teeth. It helps to bite hard !!

Japanese jaw

Thanks to an anonymous visitor from .
Indeed, superb square and thick jaw, beautiful asian face !

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