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Makeup on a beautiful square jawed woman

This site hasn't reopened yet. Still, I stumbled upon this and wanted to share it with you. It's a makeup séance of a beautiful square jawed woman face. You can admire the face of this girl from all angles. It's so much more easier to magnify a face with such a prominent structure than a flat face. Actually you can suck at makeup and the face will still look high class. Notice the incredible symmetry of this face, how voluptuous it looks. Everything is strong and square in this face, still it's really feminine. Special mention to the ears of the model: I particularly like those small, very folded ears. On a square face with a tight pony tail, those small ears look amazingly cool.

Now some news about the site: I will soon start working on a new, more interactive version of this site. Stay tuned. I will continue to show the world, the beauty of square jawed women.

Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler

Stacy keibler 3 (1)_1362046600.jpg

Carole Lombard

After watching 1939's Made for Each Other, I came across a classic square jawed beauty, Carole Lombard.

Carol lombard 2_1347262393.jpg

Carol lombard 3_1347262409.jpg

Jaw box and beauty

Here is a picture I made about a clothing mannequin. It's probably the life cast of a real woman's face. They didn't chose this model randomly. They chose it because of it's beauty and elegance.
Notice the projecting cheekbones, broad and strong jaw, how blocky and strong is the jaw box looking.
It's no surprise why a well developed, healthy jaw mechanism is essential to beauty: by taking almost 2/3 of face, most of the head is a pressure chewing machine. Facial beauty can't be dissociated from the jaw box: the jaw box is the face: a nice jaw box can forgive an ugly nose.

Alicia Minshew

Here you are.

Alicia minshew sj_1332826908.jpg

Alicia minshew sj 3_1332826933.jpg

Alicia minshew sj 5_1332826984.jpg

Alicia minshew sj 7_1332827013.jpg

Alicia minshew sj 9_1332827319.jpg

Long, square jaw

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures: it was taken with a mobile phone on a fashion store display window.
Square jawed people are rare. Beautiful square jawed people are even rarer.

Tight skin by massive bone structure: she will not need a lifting until she is very, very old.

Perfect profile she can be proud of. Look at this position.... doesn't she seem aware of how attractive her jaw is? You non square jawed people reading this, think how ridiculous you would look exhibiting your small jaw in such a position.

brazilian model Tatiana Dumenti

and this :

***Admin edit: Excellent find, I didn't knew her. Congratulations to whoever you are "Unregistered user". I edited this post and added more pictures. This is an extremely beautiful woman, with of course, an above average squareness of the jaw. I can fall in love in a heart beat. When seeing such a creature you think for a moment that there is nothing more important in this world than woman beauty.***

Tatiana dumenti_1322433269.jpg

Big face structure even when compared to man size:

Again, we can see the bigger, sharper, squarer, more beautiful face structure:

Jaw plane is sharp, completely flat. Angle is square and jutting:

Nice smile, big mouth pointy feminine chin:

Dolly Parton

I'm not a fan of fake hair but Dolly Parton was a hot, square jawed woman in her younger years.

Dolly parton_1321078892.jpg


Tiffani Amber Thiessen

She is so beautiful.

Tiffani amber thiessen 1_1320642193.jpg

Edita Vilkeviciute super structure

Here is another model with super sharp face structures. This face transpire health and harmonious bone growth. Chin is pointy, and protrude forward in exquisite way. Jaw plane is well visible and very flat.

Look at this square jaw box, flat jaw line !! Just as sexy for us square jaw admirers as the nice pair of breast just below:

Omnipresence of the jaw bone in square jawed people:

One can admire the square jaw pattern with the proportionally strong cheekbones:

Picture is cold, but I chose it because it perfectly shows the square jaw structure:

This face is a piece of art. Ears, nose, eyes, skull... everything is working together in the harmony of health:

High class face:

Ruler flat jaw line with feminine pointy chin:

Square jaw beauty found on youtube

***ADMIN EDIT: Amazing find, thanks for posting the video. This woman is shockingly beautiful in respect with our standards. The jaw structure is really amazing: the teeth and dental arch are large, perfectly aligned, supported by the broad jaw. Health, beauty and strength are the few words characterizing this face structure. Once again we can observe how healthy and optimized structures translate into beauty.
Looking at a woman speaking with such a perfect jaw structure is a mesmerizing experience.***
More here.

Gorgeous face shape. Nice box-like jaw.

Guess I am square jawed?

Guess I am square jawed..... Never thought much about it. I never liked my jaw much, never saw many females with one like mine :/

Lucinda, the 3d virtual square jawed woman. Multi-view face structure study

computer games are making tremendous progress, and in some of them, you can create a 3d avatar and sculpt the face. I was able to create a virtual square jawed model. I used extreme settings, and stretched the face structure as far as the software would allow. Result is a bit excessive, but is to emphasis the point of this site, and show how noble, elegant, and of a high standard is a square jawed face. Pay attention to how the light shatters itself on the face relief. Superb.
Although super square and developed, the model is still very feminine, because, as we explained it, femininity/ masculinity isn't in the jaw angle. Open blog post to see larger images.
I will try to create a similar post with pictures of a REAL square jawed woman, once I find one that is willing to participate.

(This kind of face structures do exist in real life, and will take your breath away if you have the luck to contemplate one. We have several women on this site, with jaw structure similar to our virtual model).

Here is Lucinda. Notice length, flatness, of the "S" shaped jaw line. Eye sits on a huge, jewel cheekbone

Better than an antique greek statue

Perfection, horizontal jaw plane

Here is how a square jawed woman looks like from 3/4 back. I love this view with the massive projecting cheekbones and huge pressure jaw box mechanism

This is why models often have large face structures: it can play with light far better than a flat face

The best structured face have the eye hidden by the cheekbones from the bottom view

Sun glasses always fit better on a strongly structured face

Jaw box (cheek, angle, chin) was reduced on the right model: not only the face looks less noble, it also looks less feminine

Feminine chine is pointy and was used on all above pictures. Squarer chin is masculine. Here is a true androgenic difference.

Full body view of the elegant square jawed beauty

Tonya Scott

This woman is a bit on the weird side, I must say but her jaw is sexy as hell.

Jessica Chuckran, Miss Alaska 2011

I never pretended that ALL square jawed women are beautiful and feminine, but miss Alaska 2011 certainly is.

Symmetrical, super structured face, massive gonial angles. What you see is an optimum chewing pressure mechanism:

You can clearly see the rectangular shape of entire face:

That's a broad face:

Aurelie Claudel's jewel

In this (violent) clip you can admire the statuesque face of Aurelie Claudel. The smoking scene, with the haughty attitude is sublimed by the sculptural chin of Aurelie. Of notable interest: at exactly 1:00, you can see a man caressing Aurelie's jaw as if it was a precious object. I'm sure that this is a subconscious body language of a man recognizing the value of Aurelie's well developed jaw. High quality jaw admiration and recognition is built in our appreciation of physical beauty, yet, society is unaware of it. When asked people will compliment eyes, hairs, breasts, skin, muscles..... but how many will praise jaw projection and squareness ?

Such a nice jaw, so wide open...... see the great contour of this elegant face. Aurelie has one of the best chin of our collection

The Square jaw holy grail

Good news: the square jaw holy grail was found. Let me introduce you to Ana, a visitor of this site, now member of the very select "Wlj beauties" club.
Not only is Ana beautiful, feminine and healthy looking.... she also happen to have the rare, perfect, 90 degrees jaw. It's the holy grail of the square jaw world, "the perfect square jaw", which will be proved and documented in this post. Ready ?

(PS: thanks Ana for sharing pictures and documentation)

Not striking at first glance, the square jaw specialist can still guess from this picture, the square jawed structure. Impossible to deny that this face is typically feminine: eyes, skin, lips and skull shape. Notice the lustrous hairs:

Here you go, a perfect square jaw. Still, the face is adorable and 100% feminine:

You can notice the flat jaw plane, horizontal growing face. 5 stars face:

Perfectly flat jaw plane, square structure. Notice the distance from ear lob to jaw angle:

Beauty is looking at you:

The holy grail: unique scan of this square jawed women's skull. Absolute documented square jaw proof . 90 degrees angle. Ruler flat jaw plane. Symmetrical. Healthy, robust structure. Large muscle attachment, strong bite force that can cause headaches:

natasha poly russian model

russian model with mongolian blood.


A fine frenzy

Beautiful singer, spotted by one of our visitor in this thread: . Lower jaw is square, also notice the big mouth, and large dental arch. Sweet.


In this picture we can clearly see her jaw structure..... difficult to say if it was enhanced, or if it's natural.
You could draw a square around the jaw, it would fit well. Jaw angles are strong.