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Joan Chen

Joan Chen.

Kira Clavell Pepsi diet advertising

Look what I just found ! A new clip from one of my favorite BSJW (beautiful square jawed woman) Kira Clavell.
You can notice the superb jaw shape from profile view when she drinks the Pepsi.

Can not believe anyone has posted Tila Tequila

Perfect example of large and square jaw.


Kyuri Park



carolyn geh

Stunning women. Great bone structure.






hello -

i guess my question is.. do i qualify? And hello from NYC! (:

Admin Edit: thanks for sharing, you qualify and make it to the frontpage. You are part of the "WLJ beauties" club.

lucy lee

Korean porn star
She has to much make up. I like girls who look more natural. I am sure she look better without it.
Anyway I like her jaw, and her chubby face.

another asian model: Eugenia Mandzhieva

She has a beautiful face, but a really ugly body. I just not like very skinny and tall women.
Asian women are so beautiful and exotic. Those eyes and little noses and lips and the hair and of them drive me nuts, and of course great bone structure. They have this mystery that is so captivating, I can look at them all day.

She does not need make up to look beautiful, very typical of asians.


Du Juan: asian model

Another asian beauty.

BSJ japanese

She is abosloutly beautiful. Tremendous jaw!


Very nice find by Camilio:
Heavily structured asian face, very symmetrical and statuesque. You can't beat this type of huge cheekbones and jaw box.

jarah mariano

An Asian beauty model again. See how the jaw line is flat: she is an horizontal grower. As is often the case with square jawed beauties, all the face seems well structured: good jaw, perfect symmetry, sharp traits, well drawn lips.... gives the impression of a healthy person.
I'm personally admirative of this kind of feminine beauty.

Shu qi

Shu Qi, brought back to my attention by Camilio in this thread: .
Indeed, a very beautiful woman with a well developed jaw. Her teeth are also superb, well aligned with a little space between each.

Asian beauty

Typical asian beauty with pronounced face structure: chin, cheekbones and jaw angles. With full lips, nice hair, dream body...... more than enough to send a man to heaven.
Jaimee is a model.


Natassia Malthe


Asian face with proeminant bone structure

Christina Linehan

See the height and squareness of the mandible angle.


Such a well defined jaw gives the overall face such a sense of nobility and quality...