Assel Kuchukova jaw gallery

Asselina Kuchukova

A new video about Miss Kazakhstan 2010.
This is an exceptional video as it is rare to see such a perfect and beautiful square/thick jawed woman so clearly featured. Your heart rhythm will accelerate.

Miss KAZAKHSTAN World 2010 - Assel Kuchukova

In the pure square jawed asian style, here is Assel Kuchukova, who was brought to our attention by visitor Geat. She has the typical square jaw features found on some asian girls: very thick and robust jaw and face structure, which are relatively big when compared to average girls. Here is another square jawed woman doing very well in beauty contest.

Rare footage of authentic square jaw woman speaking:

I love the super straight hair along the exploding broad face:

Beautiful face. Look at the size of this cheekbones !

Exceptionally squarish feature for the overall jaw box

Picture is small unfortunately, but you can see her larger face structure in comparison to the surrounding girls

Other face structure comparison

Outstanding face relief. Admire the mechanic of the cheekbones and jaw angle