Unknown jaw gallery

Jaw box and beauty

Here is a picture I made about a clothing mannequin. It's probably the life cast of a real woman's face. They didn't chose this model randomly. They chose it because of it's beauty and elegance.
Notice the projecting cheekbones, broad and strong jaw, how blocky and strong is the jaw box looking.
It's no surprise why a well developed, healthy jaw mechanism is essential to beauty: by taking almost 2/3 of face, most of the head is a pressure chewing machine. Facial beauty can't be dissociated from the jaw box: the jaw box is the face: a nice jaw box can forgive an ugly nose.

low angle

thought this might appeal...

Long, square jaw

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures: it was taken with a mobile phone on a fashion store display window.
Square jawed people are rare. Beautiful square jawed people are even rarer.

Tight skin by massive bone structure: she will not need a lifting until she is very, very old.

Perfect profile she can be proud of. Look at this position.... doesn't she seem aware of how attractive her jaw is? You non square jawed people reading this, think how ridiculous you would look exhibiting your small jaw in such a position.

Asian square

These were spotted on photographer Ferenc Ecseki' s web site. To see more of his photos visit Female Model Portrait Photography Tips page. This is a talented photographer, who likes to picture women with strong bone structure. Again, here is a typical asian beauty with THE jaw. So delicious.

Head is just slightly raised, still, you can see the wide, flat and parallel to the floor jaw line. This is typical of square jaw structure. Other type of jaw slope up from chin to angles.

Impressive, big, white, perfectly aligned teeth. This face is a healthy chewing pressure mechanism !

Well structured and balanced face. You can admire the jaw block of the lower 2/3 of the face.

New square jaws from asia

Unbelievable thick and square jaw on this superb asian woman. She could be the emblem of this site. Photo credit: Mariusz sikorski @ http://fotologue.jp/fukanzen

Look at the size of jaw angle region. Face is superb.

Square jaw and sun glasses 3

Just found this little image. Tom Ford definitely understands that square jawed models are well suited for big sun glasses.

See how flat is the jaw line

Eyeglasses and square faces 2

In continuation to: http://www.womenlargejaw.com/eye-glasses-and-square-faces about our observation of square jawed models hired for eye glasses advertising campaigns.

Would you imagine this type of glass on someone with a weak bone structure ?

Japanese jaw

Thanks to an anonymous visitor from http://www.womenlargejaw.com/node/829 .
Indeed, superb square and thick jaw, beautiful asian face !

Images source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/artisticasianinfatuation/4401667900/in/pool...

Eyeglasses and square faces

Square jaw admirers should pay attention to advertising from eyeglasses companies. It is almost a mandatory requirement for this kind of product ads to feature models with heavy, square facial structures. Why ? Because strongly structured faces look much better with object ornament like glasses than would thin faces and the disproportionately small and underdeveloped appearance they would project . Broad faces allow all kind of glasses shapes and sizes while still looking cool.

Here is an advertising that I just spotted:

Aren't those lips, stretched horizontally by the large bone structure adorable ? Do you notice how the lower lip is brought forward by the slightly prognathic chin ? Do you feel how such a salient jaw can give the person this superior, almost arrogant look, without the slightest bit of effort ?

This is a face, with an above average bone structure development and jaw box.

See also: http://www.womenlargejaw.com/eye-glasses-and-square-faces-2

Square jaw model spotted !

Again, a model with the square and strong jaw. Notice how the A-B line (see theory: http://www.womenlargejaw.com/square-jaw-theory) from ear lob to jaw angle is tall. This is typical on square jawed women. You'll notice also the well defined cheekbones that often goes in pair with the square jaw because of the overall jaw box mechanism harmony.

Ushuaia bio model

Again, a square jawed model in a tv spot... this time for ushuaia bio. See the broad face, strong cheekbones, obviously wide jaw......
You can see here also in the video:

at second 16 you have a nice view of the jutting jaw.

Flat jaw plane

Jaw of this model is not super square; nonetheless chin is projecting and jaw plane is perfectly flat.

Flat jaw plane, nice chin

Models' jaw

I found this picture in a fashion magazine.
Enjoy this jaw centric image where all the scene seem to be focused on the jutting jaw of the model.
By the way, if you know her name, please tell.


Large jaw women special


Hi everyone, after take a look at the pictures of the links. then go to the websit beneath, I find it's really fu_king idiot.








not square jaw but very nice.

BSJ japanese

She is abosloutly beautiful. Tremendous jaw!


Very nice find by Camilio: http://www.womenlargejaw.com/node/503
Heavily structured asian face, very symmetrical and statuesque. You can't beat this type of huge cheekbones and jaw box.


We continue our tour of beautiful square jawed faces with this true blond beauty.

Random models with strong jaws

The superior plastic of strong jawed models.


Unknown model

Typical beautiful square jawed model: notice the length of the distance between ear lob and jaw angle. As a result the jaw plane is flat.