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Natassia Malthe

Thanks to our member "Geat" for reminding to our attention Natassia Malthe ( ). Indeed Geat, this is a very beautiful, true square jawed woman !! Isn't she exquisite ?
Asian women are maybe the most gifted when it comes to square jaw and beauty.

Here is a video of the lady in a social situation. Once again, you can notice how a square jawed woman in a social situation, gains assurance and seduction by emphasizing her jaw (example at 0:40). Notice how she ostensibly shows her jaw. She subconsciously wants everyone to see it.

Again, in this clip, you can admire the beautiful square jawed woman in motion:

See how the strong jaw angles are flaring out. Jaw width almost equals cheekbones width:

Image 43_1277986952.png

Natassia Malthe