Bridget Hall jaw gallery

Bridget Hall, focus on the Chin

If there is one thing nice about native model Bridget Hall, it's her chin.
In our never ending quest to understand and admire beautiful women, here are some pictures where you will be able to contemplate Bridget's chin.

On the first picture, you can see a comparison of the jaw plane of Bridget vs an average woman. See how her horizontal jaw plane seems to push the chin straight out of the lower face. Bridget Hall is an "horizontal grower": jaw is growing on a horizontal plane vs floor plane. This is typical of square jaws. Those familiar with the site know now that we consider this facial pattern a characteristic of superior beauty and facial mechanics.

Note that this kind of chin is absolutely not "masculine". Masculine chins have more height and different shapes.

Massive cheekbones, proud chin

Bridget Hall