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I just published a new page about square jaw and masculinity where I explain why I think that squareness of a jaw has nothing to do with male hormones and masculinity.
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Square jaw isn't masculine

It is our theory that squarer jaw in women (and men) is superior in pressure efficiency, is also more beneficial for overall facial and neck growth of bones, and is thus often an attribute of superior beauty.
We also theorize that a square jaw is NOT a characteristic of masculinity, and we will try to demonstrate this in this page.

I) Effect of excess testosterone and growth hormone on bone growth

Square jaw is often associated with masculinity. The reason for this, is because there IS a real relation between jaw bone growth (and more generally all bone extremities),  testosterone (the male hormone) and growth hormone.
It is widely known among the bodybuilders community, that high intake of testosterone and/or GH might cause changes in facial bones, in particular in the jaw bones.

To illustrate this, here are examples of a man with very manly face and body, the wrestler Hulk Hogan.

Hulk Hogan, wrestler

Behind the square jaw look, the beauty and health equation

It is my goal on this site to analyze female beauty, and to defend the idea that square jawed females are of a superior class of beauty than other females, and that this attribute is not always correlated to masculinity / femininity but rather to proper / optimum orthodontic development.


A site for square jaw women admirers, at last !!
Some men are very attracted by women with large, square, well defined jaw. There is no absolute explanation for this, but our studies suggest that strong jaw denotes a particular genetic, immune pattern that some men are actively looking for subconsciously. These men may have a deficiency in this particular pattern that tend to sensitize them to women that exhibit this particular trait. This could give the offspring a more balanced genetic pool.

A well defined jaw is definitely a beauty attribute, and you will learn that the most beautiful women (and men) on this planet, usually have the chiselled jaw that gives the face a “healthy” and noble look to the face. On this site we are admirers of these beautiful women exhibiting the square, strong jaw pattern from moderate to extreme hypertrophied degree. Learn more about the theory.

Since this site was launched, I was contacted by men from all over the world with various ethnic backgrounds, all attracted by the strong mandible pattern in women, and delighted to discover other men were sharing this attraction for strong jawed women. I was also contacted by many women with strong, square jaw that used to by shy about it and that felt reassured to know that their face could be a desire object for many men around the world. If you are one of these woman, don’t hesitate to say hello in the forums.

About the women on this site

In the context of this site, visitors must clearly understand that there are: 1 ) Square jawed women 2) Beautiful women and 3) Beautiful Square jawed women.

What we mean is that all square jawed women are not beautiful. But we do believe that a well defined square jaw in a woman is a requisite for superior beauty, such as in the case of Shalom Harlow who is a beautiful, square jawed woman. One might argue but this is my taste and the taste of people visiting this site.

So visitors must understand that we don’t pretend that ALL square jawed women are beautiful or that ALL small jawed women are ugly. On this site you will find both beautiful square jawed women, and “less” beautiful women exhibiting the square jaw pattern. We do find a women’ square jaw to be sexy in itself, just like a nice pair of breast, but the concept is magnified when the overall face is beautiful.

Bite force relation to face shape and ethnic origins face variations

Here are some evidences of bite force potential in relation to jaw shape. There are also information about different types of ethnic origins and face shapes.
It was mostly gathered on the Internet medical resources. I didn't thought to publish it so I didn't bother mentioning the sources.



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Square Jaw Theory

We love feminie, sexy women with:

  • Broad, square jaw
  • High, strong cheekbones
  • Projecting chin
  • Horizontal jaw line
  • Hypertrophied jaw  muscles (masseter)
  • White, large and thick teeth
  • The habit to bite and destroy little objects with their powerful jaws

Angelina Jolie sexy square jaw

I). How to recognize and define a woman with a strong jaw ? -see below for real life examples-