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Ming Ballard, French Indochinese Actress

Vanessa Mae

Nathalie Kelly

Strong Faces of Wrestling-Kaitlyn

Celeste Beryl Bonin wrestles as Kaitlyn for the WWE. She is 5’5” tall and weighs 135lbs. She is rather new to the ring, having started in 2010. Before that she competed in fitness and figure competitions and at the age 19 she won the NPC John Sherman Classic Bodybuilding Figure and Fitness Championship

Kaitlyn is great looking with a touch of tomboy. Another strong and beautiful face of wrestling.

I love when a girl with a strong face wears that expression.
Well? I'm here!
Very very nice jaw

Strong Faces of Wrestling-Brooke Adams

"Brooke Adams (born December 4, 1984) is an American model, dancer, and professional wrestler, currently working for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling under the ring name Ms. Tessmacher. She is best known for her time in World Wrestling Entertainment appearing with Kelly Kelly and Layla in the dance group Extreme Exposé on the company's former ECW brand." -Wikipedia She is 5’5” tall 110 lbs

She makes a great case for strong face=beautiful face
Great profile shot
Love those zygomatici and the masseter ain't bad either

Strong Faces of Wrestling-Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus shouldn’t need any introduction; she’s famous enough.

I’m a Trish convert. I confess, I never much cared for her, since she really represented the WWF’s turn from strong and skilled women wrestlers to the diva ideal of sexy but less athletic or powerful. However, the diva types have, for the most part, won out, and I can’t say that it hasn’t produced a plethora of fantastic faces; it has. Trish’s skills greatly improved, and rather than representing the end of an era, she should be recognized as having virtually initiated a newer, perhaps more promising one.

Trish is undeniably beautiful, and to be honest, I never realized just how strong her facial structure was (that's some chin she has). This offering is my way of making amends for refusing to acknowledge her obvious greatness for so long. (I know she must have been fretting over the slight :)

All I can think of is 'playboy bunny' Is that wrong?
Baby fat is gone. Taut, arresting beauty endures
... yeah...
Mid thirties, and her face keeps getting more interesting

Strong Faces of Wrestling-Eve Torres

Eve Torres is a WWE wrestler. She is 5’8” tall, 131 lbs. She is a two-time WWE Divas Champion, having just lost the title to Brie Bella (featured here previously) She holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Eve is a dancer with a long impressive list of credits, and has appeared on several TV shows.

She went to USC on a full tuition scholarship. “During college, she was one of the founding members of the Omega Phi Beta sorority chapter on her campus and held the vice-president position for several years. While in Omega Phi Beta, Torres was awarded for Academic Excellence at the Order of Omega Greek Awards. She graduated with honors and a Grade Point Average above 3.5 in May 2006, with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering” –Wikipedia

Smart, tough, athletic, graceful and gorgeous, but the images speak for themselves. Wonderful face!

Yep... that's a helluva face!
Perhaps not the most flattering image of eve, but a good demonstration of the strong features of her face
The woman is objectively stunning!
Nice chin on a gorgeous woman

Strong Faces of Wrestling-Natalya

Nattie ‘Natalya’ Neidhart is a third-generation wrestler from Canada and member of the Hart wrestling family. (-Wikipedia) She is 5’5” tall and weighs 135lbs. Her dad is Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart. She’s 28 years old and has been wrestling since 2000. She is a former WWE Champion.

I’ve always been attracted to Nattie. She’s got that sort of tough-girl face, not unlike Beth Phoenix (whom I’ve gone on and on about before) I think Nattie’s face is first rate.






Carol Samaha

Kirsi Pyrhönen , a model from finland

Finn model.

Victoria Silvstedt swedish fashion model

square jaw woman.



Zallascht Sadat Miss afghanistan 2008

square jaw miss afghanistan from germany.

Tonya Scott

This woman is a bit on the weird side, I must say but her jaw is sexy as hell.

Molto Bella-Great Italian Faces: Carla Velli

Carla Velli. Born 1981 in Venice, Italy

ohhh... myyyy...
OK. Now she's just showing off!
'Strong facial structure? Who, me?'
When viewed next to a normal pretty girl, the strength and beauty of Carla's face is quite apparent
Both women are equally attractive, but Carla's facial muscles make the other model's hot looks seem flacid by comparison

Molto Bella-Great Italian Faces: Elisabetta Canalis

Model Elisabetta Canalis, born 12 September 1978 in Sassari, Sardinia (Wiki)

Che bella donna
unsettlingly androgynous
yes, it's often a fine line..., but it's a beautiful one
Ahh, very pretty. All is right with the world.

Molto Bella-Great Italian Faces: Micaela Ramazzotti

Actress Micaela Ramazzotti (born 1979)



These lips; Not for you Jazzfan999! :(

Love her!

I have posted pictures of this girl before. I still don't know why she is not in the galleries. She has such a good jaw. Maybe Ron thinks she is too young for the site, but she is 21, she is not a little girl. She is one of the most beautiful girls I have seen, and haves an amazing chin!


Claire Forlani and Minnie Driver

Strong, square and very feminine faces.

Minnie driver 2_1303583974.jpg

Minnie driver 1_1303583993.jpg

Strong Faces of Wrestling-Lisa Marie Varon

(Wide jaws seem to be a bit rare among wrestling's women, though lantern jaws, strong features, prominent chins and generally heavier bone structure is far more common. Following are a few examples)

Lisa was born in 1971. Her father is Puerto Rican and her mom is Turkish. She stands 5'8" tall and weighs 155 pounds. She's wrestled under the names Head Bitch In Charge (HBIC), Victoria and Tara, among others. If you saw my previous post featuring Beth Phoenix, and wondered what the woman who broke Beth's jaw looks like, well this is exactly what she looks like. As far as I know, Lisa's jaw remains unbroken.

EDIT: Allow me to add, taking nothing away from 'Victoria', and despite the accident that broke her jaw, that of all the faces of pro wrestling, indeed all the faces I've ever seen, IMO 'Beth Phoenix' has the greatest. She, in my estimation, has no equal. I know it's a matter of taste, so I hope you'll forgive this effusive praise.