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3D animation of a healthy jaw (Time Warp IV)

Admin edit: femaleteeth is a 3d artist that uses his skills to illustrate women with perfect teeth and jaws in action (although this lady could be a bit more square jawed to be pefect). Download his video to discover the sexiness of perfect teeth crushing a lollipop (don't watch if you are under 18).

Download the full video here:

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Square jaw beauty found on youtube

***ADMIN EDIT: Amazing find, thanks for posting the video. This woman is shockingly beautiful in respect with our standards. The jaw structure is really amazing: the teeth and dental arch are large, perfectly aligned, supported by the broad jaw. Health, beauty and strength are the few words characterizing this face structure. Once again we can observe how healthy and optimized structures translate into beauty.
Looking at a woman speaking with such a perfect jaw structure is a mesmerizing experience.***
More here.

Gorgeous face shape. Nice box-like jaw.

Aurelie Claudel's jewel

In this (violent) clip you can admire the statuesque face of Aurelie Claudel. The smoking scene, with the haughty attitude is sublimed by the sculptural chin of Aurelie. Of notable interest: at exactly 1:00, you can see a man caressing Aurelie's jaw as if it was a precious object. I'm sure that this is a subconscious body language of a man recognizing the value of Aurelie's well developed jaw. High quality jaw admiration and recognition is built in our appreciation of physical beauty, yet, society is unaware of it. When asked people will compliment eyes, hairs, breasts, skin, muscles..... but how many will praise jaw projection and squareness ?

Such a nice jaw, so wide open...... see the great contour of this elegant face. Aurelie has one of the best chin of our collection

Meng Lau

A fine frenzy

Beautiful singer, spotted by one of our visitor in this thread: . Lower jaw is square, also notice the big mouth, and large dental arch. Sweet.

Mandy Blank super square

Mandy Blank has one of the most squarest and muscular jaw from our collection. She is an exquisite, sexy little fitness girl. Here are two videos for you to enjoy. Notice the perfect teeth, very broad dental arch: Mandy is a chewing perfection. Its obvious how her genes got the "strong jaw box" instructions and built each piece of it big and strong (bone / teeth / muscle / ligament) .
It's the kind of girl with such a developed jaw, that you can't miss it. Anyone speaking to this girl is noticing it. When asked about her jaw on myspace, she explained it was hereditary, and running across her family.
More on this square jawed jewel at:

Warning: This second video contains some eroticism (as well as some dream jaw emphasis sequences) :

Natassia Malthe

Thanks to our member "Geat" for reminding to our attention Natassia Malthe ( ). Indeed Geat, this is a very beautiful, true square jawed woman !! Isn't she exquisite ?
Asian women are maybe the most gifted when it comes to square jaw and beauty.

Here is a video of the lady in a social situation. Once again, you can notice how a square jawed woman in a social situation, gains assurance and seduction by emphasizing her jaw (example at 0:40). Notice how she ostensibly shows her jaw. She subconsciously wants everyone to see it.

Again, in this clip, you can admire the beautiful square jawed woman in motion:

See how the strong jaw angles are flaring out. Jaw width almost equals cheekbones width:

Image 43_1277986952.png

Money Magazine's Amanda Gengler

I just saw this video from ABC news of Amanda Gengler from Money Magazine. If Gengler is her maiden name then this is an excellent example of a beautifully sculpted German female jaw. I've noticed this is quite common in women with German ancestry. Click the pic to see the video.

Chantal Jouanno: square jaw in politics

Chantal Jouanno is the French ministry of ecology. Ecology is in the spot lights now days, so viewers in Europe can often see her talk and admire her chiseled, square and pointy jaw. It's fun to see her debating with average jawed women :it emphasizes the size and squareness of her magnificent and noble jaw.
She has a true frontal square face, with the GN GN gonial angles as wide apart than the cheekbones Zn Zn .



Look at my jaw !
See my jaw ?

Kira Clavell Pepsi diet advertising

Look what I just found ! A new clip from one of my favorite BSJW (beautiful square jawed woman) Kira Clavell.
You can notice the superb jaw shape from profile view when she drinks the Pepsi.

Maria Nafpliotou, antique greek beauty

Maria Nafpliotou is of Greek origin and was a dancer before becoming an actress. Dressed as an antique Greek beauty, she lit the Olympic torch for the 2008 Beijing Olympics using the sun's rays, starting the 2008 Summer Olympics torch relay‎. On October 22, 2009, she repeated the performance, starting the 2010 Winter Olympics torch relay.

We often discussed here the fact that the square jaw doesn't make a woman beautiful. Maria is the perfect example of exquisitely beautiful women with a strong jaw. Does the jaw make Maria beautiful ? It contributes certainly, to what I consider to be the highest class of beauty she possesses. I find this woman to be extremely beautiful: sensual, feminine and distinctive. Her jaw is not extremely square, but is salient, broad with a strong chin which gives her the perfect Greek profile of classical beauty.

You can see her in this video and imagine her as an antique goddess of beauty:


Stephanie Fitzpatrick in James Doman's clip

Each time the camera focuses on Stephanie Fitzpatrick, she points her jaw toward or caresses it as if it was a precious object: all the clip seems to be a tribute to the chiseled jaw of singer Stephanie Fitzpatrick. Women with nice jaw absolutely want to show it to you unconsciously.

Her jaw is similar to the one of the model from the previous blog post.


Nathalie Kelley

This video was sent by a visitor some time ago. You can notice the thick, square jaw of the beautiful actress. At 0:57 you'll see her raising her head like square jawed women typically do.