Latina jaw gallery

More of Anne Marie

In the first photo she does not have a drop of make up and she is still stunning!

Anne Marie Kortright

Beautiful latina!


Salma Hayek new movie

"Grown ups" is the new movie of Salma. Interesting movie poster where you can see the square jaw structure of Salma emphasized by the small jawed Maya Rudolph in background on the right. There might be cool jaw comparisons in this movie.

Look at this block....

Not the squarest jaw of our collection, but certainly wide, projecting and well muscled

Mia Maestro

Part II Karen Carreño

One of the most naturally beautiful women I have seen.



Part I Karen Carreño

More Anne Marie Kortright

More picture of superb model Anne Marie Kortright. Good jaw box, with amazingly huge cheekbones. Such huge cheekbones are not only soft tissue: it is suported by strong bone structure... and as is often the case with such huge cheekbones, you find the flat, horizontal jaw plane and square angle.

Anne Marie Kortright

Nice find by Camilio from thread: .
One can see how the strong bone support is behind the beauty of this face.

Jennifer Lopez

Notice the strong face, with strong cheekbones and square jaw
Nice elongated jaw shape

Jennifer Lopez